“Attendant” Home Medical Care Services

“Attendant” Home Medical Care Services

Of the various home healthcare services, the attendant care services are among the commonly availed services. A home attendant service helps patients with the management of their daily functions along with constant medical care.

With the help of attendant services, you can assure that the elderly or chronically ill patients in your family are given the required assistance. This also gives the patients a sense of freedom and companionship during their recovery period.

Usually, the attendant care services are offered to assist patients with a range of normal everyday activities like bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding and other personal as well the hygiene needs. This is mostly a part of attendant care given to the elderly or people recovering from a disease or injury.

However, when it comes to patients who are physically or mentally unfit or suffering from cognitive injuries, the jobs and responsibilities of an attendant tend to become wider. For such patients, the personal care requirement may also include the assistance and help in making decisions, help with mood management, encouragement and persuasion for undertaking the usual personal care tasks. They even help the patients with attending the treatment and provide emotional support for managing the challenging situations.

Duration of Attendant Care Services

The attendant care services at home can either be availed for a shorter span or longer duration. The time span as required will majorly depend on the patient’s medical condition, the injury or type of illness.

You can request for short-term attendant care services at home for patients who are recovering from a surgery or any other treatment post a severe injury or disease. However, if the patient shows significant signs of complex injuries, such as the ones related to the brain and spinal cord, there will be a need for ongoing care at home.

In case of long-term assistance, it is generally recommended when the patient undergoes some advancing seriously disabling medical conditions. For such patients, the attendant care would be for a longer duration till the time the complete recovery happens and the patient is able to carry out the daily tasks easily.

When a patient is given long-term attendant care service at home, the decision of changing or ceasing the care mode should be taken after thorough follow-ups on the health and patient’s medical condition.

Your doctor will recommend as to which care type would suit you the best and for this, a detailed diagnosis is done first.

Responsibilities of Home Attendants:

The best thing about attendant home care service is the family like care it brings along. The caregiver adjusts to the needs of the patient like a family member and takes great care in offering the needed assistance.

Some of the services a home care attendant assist you with include:

  • Medication reminders
  • Bathing which includes bed baths, tub baths, or showers
  • Dressing, grooming, as well as toileting
  • Mobility or ambulation, stairs movement, wheelchairs and walkers depending on the medical treatment
  • Assistance with proper nutrition and eating
  • Patient-centric approach
  • Responsive to the patient and family needs and preferences

Benefits of Home Attendant Services

Whether it is because of the growing age, any grave illness or injury; when the body is physically unfit in carrying out the everyday tasks, one needs extended help. This help can even come from the family members, friends or any relative. However, sometimes there arises a need of having someone who is more professional and apt with the medical procedures.

This is where a home attendant service comes to your rescue. Attendant care professionals assist you and your loved one by making daily living a lot easier. Here have a look at some of the benefits home attendant service offers:

  • Home health care attendant can be available for your help round the clock. You don’t have to worry of being left alone or without care.
  • They are trained professionals who can perfectly take care of your health while also assessing the risk factors if any.
  • The home attendant care services let the patient get day to day help with personalised care. This helps improve the quality of life while also preserving the dignity of the patients.
  • It brings to you the skilled care service at home under the supervision of well-trained and certified attendants. They are even well-versed with the usage of high-technology medical equipment so that your health is not compromised in any manner.
  • The service ensures that your loved one’s medical needs are met smoothly.
  • They even help with medication management. If the patient is on multiple prescriptions, it can be a little puzzling to manage the medicines properly. Home health care attendants ensure that the patient is given the right medications at the right time which further helps in controlling the health conditions and preventing any kind of harmful drug interactions.
  • The home attendant care service even offers caring companionship. The attendants at home prove to be reliable aides for walks, cards, movies, meals, reading, games and other social activities.

Experts hold the view that with the help of home health care attendants, the patients get better and faster recovery. It minimizes the chances of complications or any sort of infection risk. The service even helps in maintaining the patient physically as well as mentally fit and strong.

The home attendant service at Shalby Homecare provides you with an incredible care approach which is completely patient-centric and focuses fully on patient’s comfort and quality of life.

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