What is the Future of SEO and Why You Should Bother!

What is the Future of SEO and Why You Should Bother!

All across the globe, SEO experts run amok thinking, what they would do if Google unveils yet another SEO update? What would happen to their ‘best-in-class’ On Page SEO Optimization techniques then? Will all of their ‘top-notch’ SEO services in India go to waste, or there would be hope for revival?

Irrespective of what they do about it, the change is bound to happen, and when that takes place, all of their pushy link-building practices and spammy keyword density will take a backseat in defining who will take the throne on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Throughout our discussion from the last many years regarding the future of SEO, it has brought us to a conclusion that has been ushered by many as helpful; that the content is not going to be a king, it is the king already.

To those of us who think while employing eCommerce SEO services for a products-oriented website, they can outsmart Google by placing keywords in every next sentence as it’s an e-commerce website and the scope for keyword insertion is quite vast, will always fail.

Nowadays, people don’t know how to choose an SEO company, because the definition of a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company has become blurry.

What factors were you used to looking at?

  • How many backlinks can they build in a day?
  • How many 404 errors or spammy stuff can they remove?
  • How keyword-friendly is my website?

Bam, you never know Google can strike all that out with just one update, and you’ll be sitting ducks with a website that is not fulfilling its original objective;

So, considering all the looming scenarios in mind, what exactly does the future of SEO contain for all of us, and how to be ready as a provider of SEO services in India?

  • Don’t give a damn about SEO even while providing eCommerce SEO services; focus on writing innovative and unique content as irrespective of any update Google brings in, it will always work like wine.
  • Be the humane company and tell stories, shooting links and stuffing keywords;
  • Think of the user and what is the value proposition of your on-page SEO optimization techniques that the user is going to perceive?
  • Understand your consumers; their needs evolve regularly, so should you.
  • Make the (UX) more like an experience that they will not easily forget.

There are the ever-green factors that people take into consideration with their voyage of how to choose an SEO company and if you intend to stay afloat in the competition then you should think again about what you are doing in terms of SEO now!

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