What is the Best Music for Learning?

What is the Best Music for Learning?

The best music for learning. A seemingly simple question, but yet can hold a lot of answers to it depending on who you ask. In small minorities, you might hear about rock music because of the fast pace tempo can help them focus and stay awake and alert into the late night hours that learning and studying can sometimes lead to. Others may say show tunes from multiple musicals because they have a nice attachment to the source and it makes them happy and if one is working on something they don’t particularly like while listening to it, it could trick their mind to like the work. If we’re speaking in majorities, most people would answer this question with the musical stylings of classical artists such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach or Chopin. While these are all great composers and their music is calming and help stimulate the brain to focus on whatever work it needs to be focused on, they are suggested most of the time by teachers and studying websites with little variencess outside of their kind of music. However in my personal opinion, the best music for learning and studying is the jazz music of Benny Goodman. The reasons that I picked Benny Goodman is because of his music catalog having a majority of instrumental music, the vibe of jazz music being different to classical music and finally the fact that it is a different kind of variety of music compared to what is commonly suggested. With these three components in this music’s camp, they prove that it is a benefit for learning instead of a hindrance like some other genres of music can create to the intellectual mind trying to focus on a singular topic at any moment in particular.

Benny Goodman’s music is the best for a similar that classical music is also a good choice for studying. Their similarity is that the jazz music of Benny Goodman and his orchestra is that its primarily instrumental which helps stimulate your mind and won’t distract you from your work like music with lyrics would. In music with lyrics, you feel tempted to sing along with the words, but instrumental music eliminates this issue. The soothing music of Benny Goodman helps keep the mind from wandering on other topics and insteads seems to block out the rest of the world so one can focus on just the work that one would be busily working on instead of being tempted with distractions that may be surrounding the individual at that given moment. Compare it to show tunes or rock, if one is familiar with the songs of those, they may either sing along or rock out far too much that they’re focused more on the music than the information that they are trying to learn and retain as they study the material. Meanwhile going back to the jazz music, the power that this music whields and is a firm reason to it being beneficial for learning and studying.

The second is the vibe and general emotions drawn from the style of music Benny Goodman is known for, jazz. Jazz music is quite different from the standard classical music that many usually listen to in order to learn. While it has its slow moments, but for the most part jazz is upbeat and has a fast tempo. That is important because faster music will help keep a person’s spirits up as they’re studying possibly in the late hours of the night. It also can help you be hyper focused and awake while studying yet can let you have a calm heart rate throughout the entire ordeal. Jazz has this sort of hypnotic power over people that can instantly pull them into other world and let them hone in on one thing while being in a more calm state than they had been earlier that day. That sounds like a very useful thing to have around while being in either high school or college and learning several different subjects at a single time. It’s nice during a very stressful time like that to have something in life that can calm you down almost instantly that it makes you marvel

Finally, I believe the jazz music performed by Benny Goodman is the preferred music for learning and studying because it isn’t commonly known as a good stimulator for the mind. While the other music genres that are well known to help with learning are a wonderful tool and asset, almost everyone use them in order to study and sometimes it is a good thing to break norms and try something not well known, but is just as effective. This is why I suggest jazz to spice up your learning music. It falls into the old idea of variety being a healthy thing about life and how a good mix of the standard classical that the majority will listen and the jazz that I suggest will help create a more fulfilling learning experience for anyone as it will break up the monotony of just classical. I have been listening to Benny Goodman’s album of Sing Sing Sing since I was a freshman in high school and it has really changed it quite a bit. It has heightened my cognitive thinking and has helped my scores rise steadily. The music fills my room through my old CD player from 2003 many an afternoon as I pull out different assignments and I work listening to Goodman play his carient along with his orchestra in the background to multiple songs from the 1930s to 1940s that transport to a world that is filled with music notes alongside mathematical formulas, Spanish terms and the words of Shakespeare. In my small room, I can think and process all the work that I need to do for school that is needed for the next day.

In conclusion, the jazz music led by Benny Goodman and his orchestra from the same time period of World War Two, an era filled with darkness, is the best for learning. While the music came out from a terrible time of world history, it is a little beacon of hope that today can be used to benefit now the lives of students no matter the grade level as they tried to learn new and complicated topics in their academics. It helps them focus with its instrumental music. It helps with its up tempo and sometimes fast paced music. Finally it is a bit of variety in a person’s study music. That is why the music of Benny Goodman is the best music for learning.

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