Utilizing BigCommerce SEO Tips for Improved Rankings

Utilizing BigCommerce SEO Tips for Improved Rankings

In today’s competitive market, one can never take enough steps to ensure success, there’s always seem to be some efforts lacking. What one can do, in fact, is constantly upgrade his abilities and knowledge to stay up-to-date in this ever-changing world.

This ever-changing world enabled businesses to move from real-world platform to online e-commerce platform, so they can generate even more cash-flow by targeting more people. After all, that’s the whole point in starting a business in the first place.

Today e-commerce industry stands at a whopping $7.7 trillion for B2B and $2.7 trillion for B2C as per Statista. This online industry works by providing e-commerce platforms for businesses to lay their foundations on and during the recent years, BigCommerce development has emerged as one of the leading e-commerce platforms.

But just building your website on BigCommerce won’t generate business on its own, you need traffic for business and that’s where SEO comes in. Using SEO effectively will place your site among the top searched options.

Below are some such tips to improve your SEO ranking:

  1. Create distinct product description

The product description is something that differentiates you from your competitors. Use this to your advantage, write unique product descriptions for every product available in your store.

I understand it’s a wearisome and time taking process but will definitely help you in the long run. You always have the option to hire a BigCommerce web design team to help you get the job done.

And do not under any circumstances try to copy your competitor’s content, it will get you busted if found out.

  1. Identify every image

This is a minor but mostly ignored way you can improve your rankings. Always add alt tags to any image uploaded to a product as search engines are practically blind to images and can only understand texts.

Whenever you upload a product image, include tag optimized keywords as this will enable search engines to associate the image with the given keyword.

Apart from that, change your image number (such as IMG_201801.jpg) to something more relevant (such as 2015-Maruti-Zen-Grey.jpg) to help shoppers and search engines to identify the product even if the image is unable to load.

  1. Create and maintain blogs regularly

Potential customers these days look out for the authenticity and credibility of your website way before diving in for products and blogs have the power to offer both.

Providing a constant stream of blogs for your website on a regular basis informing about new and existing products, current market trends etc. is the next best thing you can do for your company’s growth.

It also helps build the customers trust and provide legitimacy to your company. Search engines too seem to like websites that post blogs regularly and thus provide your website with a better SEO ranking.

  1. Special emphasis on keywords

BigCommerce being a popular platform hosts thousands of shopping websites. So how the shoppers are going to find you in such a haze? The answer lies in the careful selection of keywords.

But how to decide which keywords are appropriate? Google provides a user-friendly tool to help you deal with this issue. It’s called the AdWords Keyword Planner, just fill in few necessary details and it will do the rest.

And always include keyword phrases which are basically longtail keywords. These phrases have a much higher chance of bringing in traffic compared to individual keywords.

  1. Use videos for brand promotion

One thing you cannot argue on, no matter how engrossing is the content, how descriptive is the specifications and how accurate are the guidelines, videos always have a special way of appealing to people.

Having someone showing you the products, familiarising you with every detail and demonstrating its proper usage to you will actually increase his chance of buying by 85% which is way more than any written text could do.

BigCommerce website design is extremely friendly to featuring promotional videos and will double your website’s chances of appearing on Google’s first page. Statistics too support this claim, stating that videos improve conversion rates by 80%.

  1. Know your competition

This golden rule can always be applied in every field esp. in e-commerce sector to improve ranking. One can never hope to gain an advantage over his competition without knowing who or what his competition actually is.

An easy way of doing it is searching on the Google bar for exact keywords you wish to target and view the result to list out your direct and indirect competitors.

Then analyse your competitors to know what strategies they are using that have placed them so high on the search list. Look out for terms related to the higher number of searches and use them accordingly and effectively in your keywords.

  1. Apply social-media skills effectively

One offbeat way of improving your SEO ranking is by working on your social media skills. I said offbeat because this actually has more to do with promoting your company on social media platforms.

The advantage of using social media is that it covers a much wider platform. Facebook alone accounts for over 1 billion monthly users which exceed far more than any e-commerce or any other sector ever hope for.

It won’t take rocket science to conclude the publicity your company will receive once it starts incorporating social media skills to its advantage. And guess what, advertising on social media is completely free of cost.

In this ever-changing world, choosing just BigCommerce for your business isn’t enough anymore, you need to improve your website’s ranking to make it appear on top search lists. The above-mentioned tips for search engine optimization or SEO will help you get the desired sales if you know how to utilize it effectively.

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