Top 10 skills you should check before hire full stack developer

Top 10 skills you should check before hire full stack developer

Technically, full stack developer is a term which is used to describe developers. In a more precise way, it is used in the context of engineers who are associated with the development of codes and apps. There are basically three different parts of full stack development. They are namely: front end, backend and finally full stack development. Let us have a detailed look at what skills you should look for in a full stack developer to hire for your work.

Who is a full stack developer?

A full stack developer is a technology expert (software engineer) who can efficiently carry out all the works of a programmer, developer, system engineer, databases and clients. The person has to possess the qualities of a multi-talented person who can carry out several tasks at a time. A full stack is referred to a series of technologies which are needed to be employed to complete a software project. To be a full stack developer, a person has to possess a lot of functional knowledge and abilities for meeting all the aspects that are involved in making a particular application.

There are several objectives to use a full-stack development-

  • It results in the formation of unique codes for several technologies.

  • The developers or developing agencies can use different varieties of software tools that are both simple and complex in use for creating and designing the unique code for the client.

So, if you are looking for a full stack developer for hire, then you must know the important aspects of a full stack developer. He should possess talents in the following fields:

  • Write excellent front end codes in HTML, JavaScript and Java.
  • Form APIs and write backend codes in Python, JAVA, and Ruby.
  • Work with system resources like hardware and OS.
  • Acquainted with the field of networking and security.
  • Thoughtfully analyze, organize, understand and query databases.
  • Capable of managerial activities like project management and client coordination.

Let us now have a detailed look into what are the top 10 skills required to check before you hire Full stack developers:

1. Programming languages:

The programmer or developer needs to be quite efficient and adept in various programming languages like Java, HTML, PHP, C++, Python, Ruby, Perl and others. These languages are utilized in very core business procedures. The developer should be a master in the language grammar and must be used to how the design, structure, implementation, and testing of the project based on one or more languages.

2. Development framework along with third-party libraries:

All full stack developers should be able to make unique development of codes using the programming languages which are supported by Python Django, MyBatis, LESS, SAAS, PHP, AngularJS and so on. The framework should be properly made to have an outstanding outcome.

3. Front-end Technology: -

These days, front-end technologies are becoming very crucial for the development of projects. This is the presentation layer associated with the user-interface. In addition to the product features, it is client satisfaction and feedback which leads to the success of a project. The basic building block to develop software is to learn HTML and CSS thoroughly. They enable you to add enhanced content and style to your project. These are authentic parts of frontend technology and a developer should have full knowledge about it.

4. Backend language: -

This is also an integral part of full stack development as mentioned in the beginning. It is the business logic layer which deals with data validation. It includes the development of language and database and cache creation with the help of programming languages like Python and Node.JS. Check before you accept the full stack developer for hire.

5. Database:

For the successful outcome of any software project, it is necessary to have a database for storing information. A full stack developer should have full-fledged knowledge of how to handle at least one or two databases and also know how to interact with those. The most popular databases are MySQL, Redis, Oracle, MongoDB and so on. Moreover, the developer should have sound knowledge of database management and the database structure. For developing dynamic and unique projects for clients, full stack developers should know well how database-driven websites keep data in-store.

6. GitHub knowledge:-

Before you hire a full stack developer, make sure you check that the concerned person is quite aware and acquainted to Git commands and possesses a profile on GitHub. This is mostly recommended when the developer is working single-handedly. But if he or she is working as a team, then it is mandatory to have an account and have a proper understanding on the GitHub repository and its commands.

7. Architectural application of web:

A full stack developer should be minutely acquainted with the architectural design of the web application. This shall help the developer to design codes, determine the type of data and also carry out several computation tasks. This enhances the smooth functioning of complex applications.

8. Version control:

It is also known as debugging. It is a module of the management of software configuration which allows us to make certain changes which we make in the documents and programs. A full stack developer should have adequate skill and control over debugging.

9. Basic design ability:-

It is highly recommended to have complete knowledge of designing to become a skilled full stack developer. The person should have a basic knowledge of the prototype design of UI/UX.

10. Requirements of self:-

It is an essential factor to have several abilities of a person for becoming a skilled full stack developer-

i) Thinking globally

ii) Attractive communication skills.

iii) Curious.

iv) Creative.

v) Time management skills.

vi) Teamwork skills.

vii) Passionate about learning new things.

Having known the several skills which are required to hire Full stack developers, you can now choose one with proper research and assign your important projects to them reliably.

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