These Beauty Mistakes Are Ruining Your Skin

These Beauty Mistakes Are Ruining Your Skin

We all suffer from skin problems and most of the times are clueless as to what went wrong in the efforts put in the skin care routine. Problem lies in nothing but ignoring the small little details that can go a long way in giving us the desired results. When we end up missing on the small details of our skincare routine, we end up with issues like breakouts, acne and pimples. There are many common mistakes that people make yet do not give too much importance to, the result of which causes trouble. Here are few of those things that you might be ignoring that is causing you skin problems:



One of the best beauty tips for face includes knowing your skin type. Not knowing your skin type and on top of it using products that are not meant for it is a major problem that can lead to bad skin results. Each skin type has a character and a symptom and needs to be tackled differently. Imagine applying oily products or face packs on an oily skin unknowingly. It will not only make your skin look greasy but also add to your woes of untimely pimple and acne breakouts. Therefore, knowing your skin type inside out and treating it accordingly is important as it is the only way you can achieve healthy, problem-free and glowing skin.



For a wonderful skin, one must take care of their daily hygiene. Lack of which may lead to a lot of problems like acne, pimples dullness & dryness among others. Apart from making sure of washing and moisturizing the skin at repeated intervals, it is important to change the bed sheets and pillow covers regularly, or else the dirt and grime accumulation can transfer to the skin, clogging pores and causing breakouts. One must also follow various natural home remedies for glowing skin which helps in keeping it clean and dirt-free. Also make sure to use cotton and other natural fabrics as opposed to silks and synthetics that are harsh on the skin.



We all love taking hot showers as they tend to relax and calm us, but little do we know that they can cause serious damage to the outer skin layer? Our skin produces natural oils which get eroded with regular use of hot water. It leaves the skin dry, scratchy, pale and itchy. One must just use lukewarm water as opposed to the hot, steaming showers all the time.


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Many people are of the notion that when they are not moving out the house, avoiding a sun screen lotion or cream would not make a difference. The truth is that the harmful sun rays can easily penetrate even inside the house and cause considerable damage to the skin. Hence, it is highly recommended that a good SPF sun block should be applied daily in order to prevent the skin from any damage.


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Those with oily skin tend to many times avoid using moisturizer only thinking that it would just increase the grease on face. This belief is far from true and moisturizer not only hydrates the skin layers but also the skin cells and promotes a healthy growth. Oily skin does produce sebum but that does not hydrate the skin and hence moisturizer is very important to retain the elasticity of the skin, making it glow and look younger, naturally. Dabur Gulabari moisturizing cream with rose extracts gives the radiance and glow to the skin, along with making it soft and smooth. Applying it before going to bed on a daily basis can give you the desired results as well as make your skin look fabulously beautiful.



While everyone happily follows a skin care regime that is limited only to the face, we all forget that neck also needs the same required nourishment and protection. While the face may glow with radiance, the neck area is quick to tan and discolor. Hence, it is very important to take care of the neck as well and apply packs and do proper mositurisation of it to maintain even skin tone.

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