The Interesting Story of Pint Glass Koozies

The Interesting Story of Pint Glass Koozies

It is most unlikely that one has not seen a pint glass koozie in their life. These are the flexible jackets slipped on to glasses for a finer grip under the fingers while holding them. Printed in attractive colors, Pint Glass Koozies are found in a lot of places including homes, restaurants, bars, clubs, public places and event venues. In fact, the glasses do not have much charm about them without the pint koozies on them. Hence it is very natural that most people fall in love with those colourful and soft koozies.

Koozie manufacturing
Koozies are manufacture from several materials. The chief characteristics of the material used to make them are flexibility and insulating features. These qualities are desired in the pint koozies since they must add more grip under the fingers while holding the glasses. Also, they must help preserve the temperature of the liquids stored in the glasses. The most common material used for making koozies is neoprene since neoprene has some excellent qualities while working out to be cheaper and durable too. Huge quantities of pint glass koozies can be manufactured easily within a very short time and hence they are commercially produced for several purposes.

Koozie color and printing
One of the top reasons why neoprene is the popular material for koozies is that it can be made in any color and can also be printed very easily. The color pigments added to the koozie material while making them gives them their colors. Hence we can choose to have them in any color we want. Also, the koozies can be easily printed with any information on them. The color of the koozies and the printing colors can be planned thoughtfully to make the priting stand out against the fitting background provided by the color of the koozie material. This is a highly desired quality in koozies and hence they sought after for parties, product promotion campaigns and other awareness creating events.

Handling koozies
Koozies can be ordered in bulk quantities and produced quickly. They are weightless and highly flexible. So, you can pack, store and transport them with ease. Due to their flexible and lightweight nature, koozies will never get damaged so easily unless they are torn purposefully. These excellent characteristics make them highly desired by people for various purposes. Their wide application, attractive looks and myriad uses make them highly popular products among people and that is why we find them in many places around us. Koozies are very much desired since they add beauty and elegance to the bare looking glasses. The restaurants, clubs and bars can print their business name on the koozies and slip them on to the koozies for creating a brand image. When you see a koozie next time, remember they have this interesting story behind their existence. Think of innovative ways to use koozies to promote your event or product among larger crowds and get the most of those attractive products.

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