Police Dash Lights and More at Ultra Bright Lightz

Police Dash Lights and More at Ultra Bright Lightz

Maintaining a fleet of emergency vehicles is not only a trying task but of paramount importance to public safety and to ensuring an effective response to the exigencies that arise. Naturally, there is the routine maintenance that accompanies any vehicle whether commercial or private. Oil changes, engine repairs, and tire replacement are only the tip of the iceberg of vehicle care. However, when it comes to emergency vehicles, there is the additional consideration that must be made for the lighting that communicates essential information to other motorists such as the identity of the vehicle and its purpose. Without bright, reliable, customizable emergency vehicle lighting, emergency response would be belabored at best. When your fleet needs new lighting, whether you need Police Dash Lights, grill lights, strobe lights, or full size bar lights, and when you need to outfit or replace your fleets systems or simply repair a damaged car, you can be sure to find the LED lighting you need at Ultra Bright Lightz. Ultra Bright Lightz is the premier online presence in the lighting supply chain, where you can find quality LED emergency lighting at reasonable prices.

Customizability and Accessibility

When you need to replace police dash lights, whether you’ll be outfitting the entire fleet with a new system or just installing a new set, you can find reputable equipment at Ultra Bright Lightz. Ultra Bright Lightz offers several customizable solutions from brands like UBL and the extremely luminous Feniex that will be sure to meet your needs. For ease of use, you could go with the UBL U-lite 2x dash light, which requires no hard wiring and can easily be mounted with suction cups to the windshield. Moreover, the unit comes ready to use, is fully synched and requires no wiring or set up. For even more brightness and a greater field of flash, you could invest in any of the lights in the Fusion line by Feniex. Accepting a swivel mount that can attach directly to the windshield, the Fusion line offers single and dual light configurations that are compatible with spoiler and mirror mounts, as well. The Fusion line offers 20 to 40 flash patterns in a host of colors with a memory that will recall the last pattern for ease of use. Featuring not only very bright LED lights, the fusion line is also visible 180 degrees around for improved awareness and presence in the field.

High Quality, Low Prices

In addition to no frills no nonsense offerings like these, Ultra Bright Lightz offers full lines of similarly practical grill lights, stick lights, visor lights, mini and full size light bars as well as discounts on bulk orders. Ultra Bright Lightz has earned its success as a purveyor of rugged and reliable lighting at impossibly low prices that takes a beating and keeps burning brightly, but it doesn’t end there. At Ultra Bright Lightz, you can enjoy $9.99 flat rate shipping, a 30-day return policy, and warranties that in most cases run from 2–5 years. In fact, Ultra Bright Lightz started as a small operation offering simple, easy to install and easy to use lighting to fill the niche in the market. Since then, they have grown in scope to incorporate solutions to fully outfit your emergency vehicle lighting needs. For rugged lighting that is easy to install, requires no lengthy wiring operations, and will stay brighter for longer, all at low prices, there is only one name to remember. When the lights go and need to be replaced, head to UltraBrightLightz.com or call 1-888-562-5125 to outfit the fleet.

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