How to nurture your business penniless?

How to nurture your business penniless?

Every entrepreneur has a dream to have their businesses go on top in both, real and digital market. This success is only possible when you start achieving your goals. And to achieve goals, money plays an important role. But what if you get success without spending the extra money? Isn't it exciting?

Well, before you scroll down the list, it is important to understand the basic factors that are important to run any business.

  • Customers,
  • Customers, &
  • Customers

Emphasizing on customers so much has a reason, which is, whatever effort you put, be it quality, strategies, or personnel, ultimately everything is aiming towards reaching & retaining customers.

A lot of things have to be put together to attain one single goal. Among all those, marketing plays a vital role. Usually marketing sounds very simple, just like an open subject, but there are some secrets behind its working. Do you want to know them?

Come on, let's discuss these hidden aspects, which can guide you to market your business gratuitously:

  1. Use local listings

Signup your business with Google My Business so that google finds your easily and brings you in Google search & maps. Similarly, do for Yahoo and Bing. All this can be done for free and is worth registering.

2. Do Email Marketing

This is one of the easiest part of the digital marketing services, yet very powerful. It not only takes the least possible time & effort to execute but also gives the best ROI. You can begin with newsletters on a regular basis, that can spread necessary information to your potential buyers. You may also include special offers or details about the promotional activities. This would act as a reminder to them about your company, products & services. Again, for this, you needn't pay a single penny. There are several free tools available like MailChimp, through which you can yourself send bulk marketing emails, run campaigns and even send automated messages, to your intended customers.

3. Ring bells at virtual temples - the "Social Media" platforms

Well, today most of the businesses depend on social media, and it would not be wrong to worship at these digital places which gather the maximum number of devotees. To name a few places: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Jokes apart! Social media has a huge network of potential buyers and using this massive system smartly, is one big talent. You can not only showcase you work here but also spread your message to millions of trillions. But here you cannot take things lightly here as you are immediately exposed to the audience. So make sure, you are using this power efficiently over this volume. Just be creative and unique!

4. Bring multimedia forth

Using video marketing services, give your business a new angle, by uploading videos on YouTube to showcase your work and activities. This way customers will get attracted and make a real time perception about your company and your work.

5. Focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a free digital marketing concept which is the basic and the most important factor in digital marketing. Though this can again be done by yourself using online guides and tutorials, but if incase there is any difficulty, there are many affordable seo services providers which can take care of your business website and make your profile visible in different search engines, organically.


Though it is not as easy as it sounds especially in this competitive world but it is not something which is impossible either. These practices work very much in favour for startups or small business where there not enough investment and outsourcing capacities at the initial levels. However, these handful of marketing tips can save a lot of money and give you what you require. All you need is some focus, true dedication & patience. After that, no one can stop you from growing bigger!

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