How to Identify and Avoid HVAC Installation Scammers

How to Identify and Avoid HVAC Installation Scammers

Are you cautious about the services offered to you by HVAC installers? Professional AC Repair Services in Goodlettsville TN are some of the best in town and beyond. However, you can always watch out for the scammers using a number of ways.

Replacing parts that should not be replaced

An installer who wants to replace a number of parts of the AC is a scammer. It is highly unlikely that you have so many components of your initially working AC un-repairable. Replacing so many parts of the AC could be as good as buying a new one. An installer who insists on replacing so many components could just be having a field day making money from you.

Pressurizing you to buy the biggest unit available

It should be known to you that bigger is not always better when it comes to cooling units. By all means, there is no standard home that needs larger units to remain warm and cozy. An installer taking you down this route is a scammer with no idea of what he is doing. Worse still, this could be a money-making ploy.

Refilling refrigerant without repairs

When scammer shows up your doorway, they are likely to tell you that the problem with your AC is the refrigerant. If they refill the refrigerant without correcting anything else in your AC, then that is a scam. Usually, depletion of refrigerant is caused by leakages which he is supposed to identify and seal.

Cash payment upfront

Why would one pay for a service that he is yet to get? Scammers are known to ask for payments before starting the work. This is to render you voiceless when he finally fails to do the installation or repair as you expected.

Unlicensed technicians posing as professionals

Licenses are a means of identification for the HVAC installers. They help distinguish who is fake and who is genuine. A fellow might be shown up your doorway claiming to be a specialist but without any form of official identification as far as the profession is a concern. If this happens to you then know that you are dealing with a scammer.


Every homeowner would want the services of affordable HVAC installation companies. Price ranges can be determined to scrutinize whatever different companies offer online. This gives you an idea of what you should pay when the services are rendered to you. Unusually high prices should, however, raise eyebrows. Scammers are likely to charge either highly or even very low. In the latter, remember that when the deal is too sweet then you have to think twice. Incompetence is the most definite thing among such installers.

In order to avoid these scammers;

You should do your research by checking the reviews of whoever you want to hire online. From the website of an HVAC specialist, you will be able to see whether he gets some of the best reviews or not. Avoid those with poor scores.

Another strategy is to get a second opinion on the matter at hand. Under this strategy, you will be able to compare and realize when there is a conflict in diagnosis.

You should also ask for estimates in writing. Scammers are unlikely to give in to this since they don’t want to leave any trace.

If an installer claims that he has replaced some parts of the AC, ask for the old parts this will make you know whether indeed replacements were done.

These tips will definitely help you to identify and avoid being a victim of scam whenever you hire AC installation services.

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