How To Clean Your Home When You’re Moving Out

How To Clean Your Home When You’re Moving Out

We all know how stressful the whole process of moving can be. Whether it’s a few blocks away or a few states away, relocating definitely isn’t easy! You need to be so organized and plan for so many things in order to ensure a successful move without losing, breaking or damaging anything. The process involves preparation, organization, packing and moving out. It also includes checking and then double checking all of your items whilst they are being loaded, transported and unloaded. Though, what matters before you leave your old home behind is to properly clean it. Many people often require the help of Specialist House Cleaning in Burbank CA.

If you are interested in doing it all yourself, here are all the tips you should keep in mind.

Packing and Labeling

One by one, pack all your stuff in boxes and keep labeling them as it makes the job easier when you move in to your new place and start unpacking. You are the one who will unpack so pay careful attention when you pack everything. It also makes your cleaning job easier once you move your boxes and leave the keys with the new tenant.

Turn One of The Rooms Into a Store

It would be much easier to transform one of your bigger rooms into a temporary storage area as your original store in the house will not be enough to hold all the packed boxes. Make sure you categorize and label all the boxes so as to make things easier for your when you are unloading in your new house. It will also help you to easily move around the house without constantly bumping into random boxes lying here and there.

Cleaning Thoroughly

Once you have moved all your boxes, you should start cleaning the place by removing dust and dirt using appropriate clothes. If you don’t want to do it on your own or if you are allergic to the dust, then you can enlist the help of professional companies offering Move In Cleaning and Move Out Cleaning services. The experienced workers will make the whole process really easy for you.

The Tougher Rooms

Kitchens and cabinets can be particularly harder to clean and a better job is performed by the specialists. The greasy counters and stained cabinets need a thorough cleansing and special tools for it. Since your next tenant will expect the place to be clean and hygienic, a thoroughly cleaned kitchen is mandatory.

Bathroom Tiles and Sewage System

Bathrooms should be the last rooms to be packed however they need to be cleaned regularly throughout the packing and moving process. Bathrooms will be used during the cleaning so it is best to pack them at the end. Once everything has been moved and all the rooms are cleaned, you need to suitably clean the bathroom tiles and counters leaving them spotless in every way. All the bathroom and cabinets need to be cleaned as well. We also recommend air freshener at the end to leave behind a fresh appearance of the restrooms.

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