1. Waist belts – Most fashion designers seem to be obsessed with waist belts, needless to say, they
will be a big part of this season’s most iconic looks to come. We are talking about big Chucky
belts, with eye-catching embellishments that highlight your waist and celebrates your curves.
Style them with oversized sweaters and men’s shirts, with maxi-dresses and floral gowns. As
long as its high on your waist, it’s in!

2. Tulle Socks- There is something about tulle that seems to make it fabric for the royalty. Its
sheer flow is what is making it a hit this season. Preen’s entire collection of floaty dresses was
styled with heels and socks. Emilia Clarke aka our Khaleesi from A Game of Thrones recently shot
for Elle’s cover shoot in a pair of nude tulle socks paired with amber strap heels. An ode to the
Victorian era celebrated for its rich fabrics, ravishing ruffles & frills, fine prints and most
importantly its dramatic caress. Tulle socks are what we have all been waiting for, to make heels
great again.

3. Statement Ties- With power dressing in play, it’s no surprise that Graphic Unisex Statement ties
are back in the league for fashion domination. Neck accessories seem to be the new high this
season. Not the old mundane prints with a soulless vibe, go for playful graphics, classy motifs,
and catchy stuff. These statement ties are all set to ensure that ties shrug out of their old formal
image and step in to be an important part.

4. Crystals- ‘All things bright and beautiful’ are on the ramp. Jewels, stones, Swarovski, and
rhinestones are just a few of the sure sellers this season. From an expert’s perspective, they are
here to stay in the game for long.

5. Fur wraps- While fur has been a constant hit with most designers, this year the fashion industry
is going vegan. With the increasing awareness regarding animal cruelty, and rightly so, faux fur is
the new ideal. It has already been sported by high-end names like Selena Gomez, Kate Moss and
Gigi Hadid.

. Tailored suits – It’s the season of power dressing and a tailored suit is your perfect go to for
absolutely any event. Thanks to the genius of designers, suits are no longer confined to the
corporate world in boring blacks, browns and greys. We are now playing with floral fabrics,
deep-cuts and pastel palettes. If minimum accessorising and highlighted messy hairdos are your
thing, then you might want to stock up some perfectly tailored suits this season. See how
celebrities like Selena Gomez, Blake Lively and Stacy Keibler styled these stunning pantsuits.

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