Diwali gift ideas pretty enough to send to your long-distance friends

Diwali gift ideas pretty enough to send to your long-distance friends

The boss of all festivals will be here soon. You might have guessed it till now, I'm talking about Diwali. It is a grand festival and a mega affair in India. There are other important festivals as well, but this festival can change the whole vibe of the year. All the traditions of this festival are exciting like decorating the house, buying Diwali sweets, and exchanging gifts. All this combines to make this festival so amazing.

What we all love about Diwali is that everyone comes back home to celebrate this Diwali with family. That means your friends and family members who live far away from you will soon get back to where they belong. But there may be some of your favorite people as well, who won’t be able to make it home this Diwali. In that case, send your friend, heartwarming gifts that will remind them that they need to meet you soon. Here is a list of Diwali gift ideas friends that are perfect to send to your close friends and family members who won’t be coming home this year. Receiving your gifts will make them feel better stuck when stuck miles apart.

“You are my favorite” wine glass set

Since Diwali is about sending gifts to your favorite people, then your gift may express the same. If you want to tell your friend that he or she is your best person, you can gift them a wine glass that says “you are my favorite person”. Wine glasses are actually a pretty ideal gift to be presented to friends and mindful too if your friend is a wine person. A fancy wine glass set is something you need for your place for all the plans with colleagues and other friends. These glasses will be adding a funny gag to your gift and at the same time will let your friends know that no matter how far they go if you two cannot meet every day, they still stand to be your favorite person on the planet. Actually, it will remind them of you when they are hanging around with other people there.

Set of favorite books

Do you have a bookworm in your group who is always fascinated by books? Then, this Diwali amazes this bookworm of the group with your choice of gifts. I would suggest you gift a set of their favorite novels. Every reader has a specific preference of what books find interesting, so, before buying a set of novels for your buddy, figure out what genre they are fond of. If you don't know what types of gifts they are fond of reading, don’t worry, you still have time to figure this out as Diwali is about a month away. While chit-chatting with them, randomly bring up this topic and also confirm what books they have already completed, what books they are planning to buy. These questions will help you to figure out your online Corporate gifts for Diwali. Also, buy all the parts of that novel to complete your gift.

Chocolate packing

Chocolates are love and a great gifting option as well. Chocolates can be gifted to anyone irrespective of your relationship with them, the age of the recipient, or even the occasion you are buying gifts for. This is something that fits well in every situation. So, when looking for a gift for a buddy who is living miles away from you, you can add a tint of sweetness to their Diwali by sending them a box of chocolates. As you may know that sweets are an important part of Diwali celebrations. We all share some sweets with each other as they are considered auspicious. Since they are living far from their family, sending them sweets on this Diwali will give them a homey vibe because everyone should get a box of treats at this big festival.

Homesick candles

This is not just any candle but a specific candle that taps into your tangible memory through its nostalgic fragrances that can help you to remember where you grew up. Homesick candles catch the most explicit of nostalgic memories — making you a king of insightful gifting. The idea of these candles is very good for long-distance besties. Homesick comes in particular scents into a nostalgic mix. Find in the fragrances tart cherries and rich chocolate, honeysuckle, rose, and cinnamon. Also, candles are an ideal gift for the occasion of Diwali as we all burn candles and diyas on this day to bring in brightness to our houses.

Wine bottle fairy lights

The last idea is to present a wine bottle filled with fairy light. Putting up light, making rangolis, and decorating every corner of the house is something common in every house at the time of Diwali. Since light is associated with brightness and Diwali, you can gift your pals a bottle that is filled with fairy lights. When the fairy lights glow, the bottle looks amazing making it a pretty cute gift for your buddies. The good part about that gift is that this type of gift is really easy to make at home.

These are the perfect Diwali gifts that will be ideal to send to your friends. Since they may be expecting gifts from you already, buying such gifts will make them happy.

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