Current Employment Scenario in India

Current Employment Scenario in India

Employment has remained a centre of debatable topics across all forums in India. There cannot be any comprehensive answer to employment scenario in India. Competition has intensified in current times and business houses could not afford to house employees who could not churn productivity.

Education in India has increased manifolds in recent decades and there is no doubt to the statistics that states increased literacy rate. However when it comes to unemployment, the percentage remains significantly high. Besides, what is more shocking is the fact that unemployment amongst educated youth is increasing. On one hand, thousands and thousands of job positions across India are remaining vacant and on other hand the rate of unemployment isn’t seeing a decline.

We are all aware of the staggering gap between education offered and skill sets in demand. The education system in our country has turned obsolete instead of staying at par with changing economy. Hence, the educated youth when steps in the world of reality after their graduation doesn’t seem to find a job. This youth might land an underpaying job. So what is the concrete answer to these employment issues observed in our country?

Well, if we look at metropolitan city of Bangalore, there are plethora of job opportunities over there. The IT hub of India is sprawling its reach with its competent work force. However, thousands of positions are still going vacant in these industries that promise a promising career. The same is the scenario across an entire country.

India is not creating insufficient jobs. But there surely is a huge gap in the payment offered by these jobs. There is dearth of high paying sufficient jobs in India.

What could be done to bridge this gap?

First things foremost, it is essential to change the curriculum of our education system. Well, it has been in discussion for over years now, but there seems to be no improvement in the education offered by elite institutes in our country. While there is nothing that could overnight change the employment scenario in country, it is the youth who need to undertake the responsibility of upgrading themselves. They couldn’t expect a 7 digit salaried job with their obsolete graduation skills. Internet has taken a toll of our lives. Use this powerful medium as your resource to learn something fruitful. Everything you want to learn is available at the tips of your fingerprints. Get certified with high in demand skills, increase the horizons of your knowledge and strive for creating an impact.

There has been a notable increase in startup trend observed in India. Hundreds of startups are seeing a face of incorporation every year. Large proportion of educated millennial are turning towards this mode of self-employment.

This article doesn’t offer concrete data to support any forms of claims. However, these are the underlying reasons and problems at crux, which is not letting the employment situation in India see a steady incline.

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