Bluefy: a cutting-edge Web Bluetooth Browser with broad functionality

Bluefy: a cutting-edge Web Bluetooth Browser with broad functionality

There is no gainsaying that the market has never been so diverse when it comes to developing apps. Indeed, high ranks tend to be a sign of the quality and effectiveness of web-applications. However, there is a certain poignancy in discovering reliable, yet far less popular newcomers. Today we are going to dive into exploring BLE Browser Bluefy, and we have reasons to believe that its functionality will surprise you.

How does exactly Bluefy work?

Bluefy, designed for iOS mobile devices with version 11.0, operates as an Internet-browser that supports Web Bluetooth standard natively. The app is adapted for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro, assisting in the interaction between sites and BLE peripherals. Bluefy retains features of the browser, namely cache, history, data clearing, etc. What else do you need to know about the app’s specifics?

  • the app is equipped with the most up-to-date instruments for keeping each user’s privacy. That is why you don’t have to worry about confidentiality breaching, which is a pressing issue nowadays.
  • Bluefy operates confidently and ensures a stable connection. More than a few seconds is enough time for device connection. Pages load pretty fast, even if you are inclined to open numerous tabs. However, bear in mind that good Internet connection matters too.
  • the app helps to save a battery. Bluefy is not only free to download and use, but also economical! In addition, you can utilize it instead of native apps for Bluetooth-compatible devices. Does it sound like a double saving?
  • the browser has a friendly minimalistic interface. We would say the simplicity of use is another highlight of the application.

Not only the mobile browser, is it?

The app contains the functions сommon to Connection Managers and Device Collectors. With the help of the first one, you can track connection history, monitor quality, and connect several devices. And yes, you got that right. Thanks to Web Bluetooth API technology, managing and customizing all your devices is no longer something extraordinary. In our time, wireless electronic gadgets are the in thing, so you definitely have headphones, smartwatches, other electric vehicles, or several devices at once. You can also use Bluefy to pair them by web Bluetooth and get a stable connection in two minutes. The browser optimally works with gadgets that support Bluetooth 4.0 and later. That is how the app turns you into an IoT advanced user.

Bluetooth API set of functions

  • reading and writing Bluetooth Descriptors or Characteristics;
  • requesting and connecting BT Gadgets;
  • receiving GATT Notifications;
  • disconnecting from Bluetooth devices;
  • running the code outside the box;
  • performing background connection by receiving BLE advertisements (this one is in the drafting process).

The app aims to provide customers with a stable connection, so developers have focused on a high-performance level. In addition, Bluefy is designed both for users and developers, who are eager to create brand-new web products.

In sum, Bluefy by PNN Soft has the potential to become an efficient substitute for standard browsers because of its impressive functionality.

  1. Excellent browser features;
  2. WEB Bluetooth API functionality;
  3. Device collection and connection capabilities;

But beyond that, developers care about users’ convenience, making updates and enhancing the functions constantly.

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