Best Project Management Software & Tools

Best Project Management Software & Tools

In businesses acquiring the project is not a daunting task, but the major challenge is to manage the project and have proper communication with the teammates. However, now those days have gone, when project managers used to manage their project with the spreadsheets and depend on the weekly as well as monthly updates.

Now in the modern world, with the advent of technologies, experts offer high functional-based project management software to streamline the project processes and different functionalities. Project management software helps in several ways as it helps in proper project planning, resource allocation, and scheduling. However, by opting for the project management software, you can turn the management process easier and more efficient.

It helps to provide seamless flow and improve the quality of the management and turns the documentation storage process into more secure. Furthermore, project management software also helps to control the overall budget quality. Apart from this, to increase the productivity of the employees, enterprises can also opt for the time and attendance tracking software.

In order to leverage all the benefits of the project management software, it is important that a solution should have all the following functionalities which include -

  • Listing of Tasks

  • Task Schedules

  • File sharing and proper documentation

  • Smooth flow of documentation

  • Resolve Communication issues

  • Effective Reporting

Furthermore, let’s know about the different project management software and tools. It helps to manage the project effectively and seamlessly.

Best Project Management Software & Tools


This is a popular and widely used project management software. It helps to streamline the management in an accurate and effective way. However, Basecamp project management software is the foremost choice of the project management teams. Undoubtedly, it offers extensive functionalities such as collaborative features such as proper discussion and commenting options to boost productivity as ever before.

With the help of this software, users can get their team updations on their Emails on a daily basis. They can also have proper discussion on the last day task or any other particular topic. This tool is considered as a powerful tool as it also helps to locate files and conversations.

Also offering options to customise the functionalities team leaders or project managers can change the time slot or duration as well as assign it to more than one team member.


This software is known as a web based project tracking platform to manage the entire project with the team. It allows users to manage end to end processings. However, the functionalities of this software can be leveraged by individuals, start ups - mid level -and large enterprises. It is the best software for team work as it helps to increase the productivity of every individual. With this software users can organise, track, and manage the tasks. A web-based app to manage your tasks, timesheets, documents and expenses. It helps you to take the collaboration to the new heights with highly powerful and advanced functionalities.

It is based on the user friendly attribute and appealing designs. With this tracking feature, you can track productivity of the teams as well as the overall budget of the project.

  • Offers centralised view via dashboard to the users

  • Visually manage product and tasks via Gantt Chart

  • Helps to manage timesheets, by allowing users to enter time and also submit for approval.

  • Easy to use platform

  • It is available for all the businesses.

  • Provide wide range of customisation options

Teamwork Project

As its name implies, its functionalities are also the same, it is powerful software for project management. It helps to track the appropriate development of the project. Teamwork Project management tool offers extensive features-

  • Task Management

  • Messaging

  • File storage

  • Time Tracking tools

Other reasons that attract users towards it is better visualization and advanced reporting. It is accessible with Dropbox and Google Drive.


It is a famous online project management application, which helps to assign custom roles to the users. It is majorly utilised by the small businesses and mid level based enterprises. Majorly it offers to assign projects to the groups and clients, who are able to discuss or give approval on the same. ProofHub also provides an opportunity to the users to discuss, share, and edit.

Functionalities of ProofHub that attract enterprises towards it

  • Custom Roles

  • Task Management

  • Workflow

  • Reporting

  • In app notifications


These are the best project management tools that help to boost productivity.

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