Are you Writing Something? Follow these steps!

Are you Writing Something? Follow these steps!

Undeniably, all dissertations can be daunting and increasingly exhausting. Especially with the amount of efforts, research and writing that goes into making a valid and authentic dissertation. And just when you think you have it all together, your instructor might think otherwise. Then begins the utterly loathed processed of rewriting and editing your dissertations – for which most students usually resort to professional college essay writing services.

PhD marketing dissertations are not any different from other dissertations – they can be equally overwhelming with the constantly evolving marketing strategies and never-ending amount of reading and research material. Especially since it also requires one to have a sound knowledge of sociological and psychological aspects that influence many marketing strategies. And quite reasonably, this is an overwhelming task for it carries major weightage for your degree. Hence, we have listed a few steps that can serve as a compass for your PhD marketing dissertation.

Think Positively

This may sound too cliché, but having a positive mindset can work wonders. Especially in times when dissertation writing can really take a toll on you – or when you feel like your entire thesis report is falling apart. Make sure that you are working with optimistic and motivated group of individuals who can cheer and uplift you when you’re feeling gloomy.

Know Your Material and Plan Before You Begin

Market research is one of the most crucial needs for writing a winning PhD marketing dissertation. You must know select a topic that you are genuinely interested in. Break this task down into these easy variables:

  • Marketing strategies can be applied to any industry; be in fashion, agriculture, automobiles, cell phones, you name it! Pick an industry that appeals to you the most.
  • What is the platform of marketing that appeals to you the most? Marketing has become largely internet-based; with ads popping up on your cell phone screens after smart and discreet data analysis. But that has not completely wiped out the older methods. Narrowing down a platform will help you conduct your research better.

Furthermore, you can decide the theme of your PhD marketing dissertation on the following basis:

  • It could either be a practical guide to bring about a solution that could help improve the current marketing strategies.
  • An argumentative essay about the adverse effect or the ineffectiveness of certain marketing policies.
  • Or a comparative study about how the dynamics have changed in a particular industry in relation to change of government, policies, resources, marketing platforms or customer preferences.

Finally, your dissertation may focus on consumer behavior;

  • Impact through social media.
  • Impact on millennials, baby boomers or the iGen.
  • Social and psychological impacts of various marketing strategies.
  • Drivers of customer satisfaction.
  • Branding and celebrity influencers.

Answering these broader questions before you begin will help you choose your topic and give you a great head start to your writing. If you’re still clueless, websites like assignment help UK and the like can provide insightful topics or samples.

Take Help from Your Mentors

Follow an Outline

This is different from your dissertation proposal. It includes the steps that you need to take to format your dissertation so that it does not seem like the information is simply scattered. The easiest outline to follow includes:

  • The title page
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Analysis and Discussion
  • Scope and Constraints
  • Timetable
  • References

Having these aligned, you can break down the task of writing into manageable micro goals. Then you can build on working on them daily, completing each segment of your PhD marketing dissertation.

Write Daily and Take Help from Your Mentors

No matter how painfully boring it gets or how much motivation you lack, make an effort to sit down and write daily. Most procrastinators tend to seek assignment writing services precisely because they are poor at time management. Make small progress daily instead of burning yourself out by delaying the writing towards the end. You can always edit later.

Moreover, taking frequent help from your designated instructors or mentors can significantly improve your level of confidence and progress. You will also save yourself the trouble of tediously editing later, if you keep getting the necessary, timely approval.

Step by Step Guide to Your Dissertation

After conducting enough research and surveys, once your synopsis has been approved, this is how you must tackle each step of your PhD marketing dissertation:

  1. Abstract

Make this concise, but comprehensive. Your abstract should cover all the important points of your dissertation, without giving away too much.

  1. Introduction

Here again, reinforce the motivation behind choosing your topic – should be unique from the abstract, without deviating from the point.

  1. Literature Review

This is where a strong research will help your dissertation flourish. In this section, you will thoroughly discuss the marketing strategies and the customer attitudes that already exist. It will be used a comparison to the research that you have conducted; so make sure there is as little alignment as possible so that your idea remains unique yet practical.

  1. Methodology

Ground work for your research will include an in-depth, systematic methodology. This may comprise of all or most of the following:

  • Online, personal or group-specific surveys
  • Observation of controlled focus groups
  • Interviewing through open-ended questions
  • General observation of focused or random groups
  • Field trials of research product or proposed ideas
  1. Analysis and Discussion

The major chunk of your research will depend on the analysis and discussion of the data you have collected through the above mentioned methodology. Feel free to add as many graphs, pictorial depictions, charts and diagrams for quicker reviews.

  1. Scope and Constraints

Finally, here is where your research comes together and you draw inferences from the data collected, the analysis made and the similar group trends observed. This will be the most comprehensive part of your PhD marketing dissertation. Moreover, it is here that you can prove the practicality of your dissertation report. Hence, make sure that you are using proper logistics and have a fool-proof plan.

PhD marketing dissertation can be quite a hassle but with the right assistance and direction, you can work wonders! Make sure that you take out ample amount of time to read similar researches and dissertations before you begin yours. Good luck!

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