7 Countries: 7 Foods You Should Try

7 Countries: 7 Foods You Should Try

A large part of travelling is experiencing different foods. No matter where you go, the cuisine is different and unique. There are common tourist foods, but what do the locals really enjoy eating? We grabbed our picks for the best travel rewards cards this year, and talked with locals from 7 different countries to find out the first thing to eat when arriving.


The Bergen fish soup is a staple of Norway.Some of the best and freshest seafood in the world comes out of Norway, locals and tourists alike can not get enough of the fish soup. Consisting of a standard cream stock, many root vegetables such as carrots, look, potatoes, parsley, and turnips are added. The soup also has an abundance of fresh fish, including halibut, salmon, shrimp, and mussels.


When you think of brazil, you think of feijoada, which is a national staple. The flight to Brazil is very long, it helps to have one of the best airline credit cards. After a long flight like that, the best thing to eat in Brazil is actually not feijoada. The locals will agree that you should go right to a churrascaria, and try a rodizio of meat.


A Sunday in England isn;t the same without a traditional roast dinner. This has been a part of the English culture for centuries, and has such an amazing aroma of roasting meat, lashings of thick gravy, and fluffy Yorkshire pudding. This is now served on other days of the week, and can be found in many different versions. From five-star restaurants to small cafes, the traditional roast dinner is a must for visiting England.


Deciding what to eat in Japan can be very difficult, as there are many options and choices. Typically, you should stick with three different types:


Ramen is a staple of Japan, and there are around 25 different types. Unlike your standard ramen, Japan serves up ramen using different noodles, toppings, and broth. After talking with the locals, even they haven't tried them all.


You will never be disappointed with Sushi in Japan, which offers the world’s freshest seafood experience.

Don’t expect heavily stuffed rolls of imitation crab and avocado, the sushi in Japan is simple, elegant, and top quality.

Fugu (blowfish)

The third staple for Japan would have to be blowfish, or Fugu. It is a common myth that eating blowfish will always cause body numbness, but the locals will tell you differently. When prepared correctly, blowfish has a delicious flavor and consistency.


Flying to Paris can be expensive, so it helps to have a credit card with airmiles. Avianica currently lets you fly to Europe for free with 30,000 points with their Avianica LifeMiles credit cards. You will want to save that money for all the incredible food! There are so many traditional French dishes, which are all very popular. One dish in particular that is a local favorite is raclette. This is a family style mean with charcuterie, melted raclette cheese, and boiled potatoes. But eater be warned, you will need a nap after this feast.


When in Sweden, kalix löjrom is a must. It is considered a very fine delicacy, consisting of local caviar, toasted bread, dill, onions, lemon, and sour cream. Grab some champagne and enjoy!


If you can arrange a trip to Africa, it is well worth the hassle. Africa doesn’t have as many airline or hotel partners for travel rewards cards like Europe and Asia do. It’s helpful to have a more general rewards card that lets you redeem points like Capital One Venture Miles Once you finally get there, the absolute first thing you need to track down is biltong. Biltong is dried meat, similar to beef jerky, without any preservatives or chemicals. It comes in many different forms from many different types of animals.

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