5 Travel Tips for Busy Businessmen Who Want an Undisturbed Vacation

5 Travel Tips for Busy Businessmen Who Want an Undisturbed Vacation

Finishing tasks at work is important, but taking time to breathe and relax is also very essential. Busy businessmen go on business trips, but those trips are mostly work-related, and only a bit of it really lets them unwind for a long time.

Usually, because a businessman is a businessman wherever he (or she for business women) goes, work is still included while traveling. Sometimes half of the travel is also fixing work-related stuff! Others might think that bosses and businessmen just travel whenever they want to, but it isn’t true for all. A lot of them can’t actually leave responsibilities they trust no one else with. They have appointments and commitments.

While business and its productivity must be given attention, businessmen still must not forget to give themselves a break, days off from work, that is without any kind of work included in the programme. Well, if you’re a businessman, you can adjust your travel days to fit that time when you think you can just slightly do some light tasks.

Here are travel tips for businessmen who do not want to get their vacation disturbed by any kind of work while traveling,


Because you’re a businessman or a boss, surely, you have many things to manage and probably people to meet with. If you have some scheduled commitments, of course, you cannot schedule your travel during those dates.

Aim to make time for a vacation trip or a staycation day! Check your schedules in advance. If you have some free time in a certain week, reserve those dates for your personal matter which is traveling, without anything to do about work! Mark your calendar already after making sure that there will be no events, meetings and other relevant work concerns to administer. Cross the dates out so that no other appointments will be made for those dates.

After knowing your schedules, you can already prepare for your travel by booking a flight and booking a hotel in advance. In that way, you’ll be sure that you’re sure to go. Some airlines and hotels also offer lower booking prices if the flight and stay are still quite far from booking period.


As someone who heads and represents your business, you definitely have people you’re connected within business. If ever there are sudden meetings which you cannot go to because you’ve already booked a plane and a hotel, it’s ideal to have a proxy for yourself.

Your proxy will be representing you instead and will relay your message to your business partners or clients for instance. Also, their messages will be relayed to you if you choose a trustworthy and detail-oriented representative. It’s important to assign people who will manage other future concerns while you’re away.


Let other people--workers, business partners and clients--know that you’re going out of town to travel for your vacation. Doing that will not make people wonder where you are and question your attendance and work. It will make people understand that you’re not available for the meantime because you need to take a short break and that you’ve left someone to address their concerns and to speak to them on your behalf.

Inform everyone so that they won’t keep on contacting you while you’re in your vacation. They’d know that you’re not supposed to be disturbed and called for any matter which can be solved even without you and your say.


Sometimes, it’s about your hands; you cannot stop yourself from checking emails, checking if there are phone calls and text messages related to business. Well, that isn’t all wrong because you’re just concerned if somebody contacted you, but don’t be paranoid and too worried.

As much as possible, keep your hands away from clicking on stuff that will make you do work. Tell yourself that it’s your day off, and such a rare day it is, so you got no time for the work you’ve been doing actually 24/7 at most. Unless it’s very urgent, unless it’s an emergency at work and unless there’s no other choice, you can of course contact people or do some important work… but as long as there’s actually nothing to be overly concerned about, don’t bring work to your hotel room. Inside the hotel, relax, sleep and rest. Don’t put much time into work-related concerns because it’s your special day.


Last but definitely not the least, bring your loved ones with you as you travel! Because you’re soaked into too much work and business, you might have little to no time for the people dear to you. Make this vacation a time for your family, your children, your husband or wife, your friends and everyone you treasure!

Surely, if you have them with you, you’ll be more motivated to enjoy and will be less distracted by work! You’ll be reminded by them that you got to give some time for rest, and you’ll be reminded by yourself that your life isn’t all about work, it’s also about taking time to pause and breathe.



Traveling is really great. For busy businessmen, it may not be a usual thing, but remember that it’s not bad to have a break, as in a temporary and total break with no signs of work around, even once in a little while.

AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales offering a worthwhile stay and a close experience of the historical richness of Australia. Nicole writes about travel, accommodation and everything else related to it. For her, the beauty of this world is astounding and worth-sharing, and traveling is one of the best ways to appreciate it. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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