5 Tips for Setting Up A Restaurant Bar

5 Tips for Setting Up A Restaurant Bar

If you are looking to increase the income of a restaurant then adding a bar is a great idea. People love a bar in restaurants. They can wait by it when they are waiting for someone in the restaurant. You can either create a bar that is full service or has one that is service only. The service only bar does not serve the customers directly. The drinks are served by a staff and people get to enjoy delicious drinks.

Investing in a restaurant bar is worth the money and effort. Here are some important and useful tips that can help a restaurant in running a successful bar.

Checking the Liquor License:

It is important that you have all the right paperwork for the bar. You do not want to pay fine just because you were too lazy to get the essential paperwork. There are different types of liquor licenses and you should be clear about the beverages that you are going to offer. Without the permits, you will not be able to sell the beverages so take care of the legal requirements.

Available Space:

While setting up the bar you will have to consider the availability of space. The expense of starting a restaurant bar depends significantly on the available space and how you use it. You will need to serve the beverages at the right temperature. You will need to invest in the right under counter wine fridge and beer fridge. You need equipment that is of right size and storage capacity. Do not invest in an appliance that is not suitable for the bar area.

You also need to choose where to put the bar. If you place it in front of the restaurant then it will be a bar and a waiting area. It will increase the sales as people are likely to order drinks when they are waiting.

Find the Right Equipment:

You will need the right equipment to run the bar. Without the proper equipment, you will not be able to serve the customers. If you want to attract customers then you need to offer a smooth and quick service. The bar should have proper glassware, liquor wells, wine racks, towel dispensers, hygiene supplies, coolers, ice bins, dry storage, etc. The bar should also have a place where you can keep the beer keg cool and ready to serve.

Hire A Trained Bartender:

A bartender is often the star of the bar. It is important that you hire skilled and efficient bartenders. The quality of service depends on their performance. The service will be good if the bartenders are self-sufficient. Giving the bar its own POS system is also a good idea for improving the service.

The Perfect Lighting:

A good bar should have a relaxing and comfortable ambiance. It should make people want to sit there and enjoy some beverages. Lighting plays an important role in determining the tone of the place. The lighting should be subtle. It should be bright enough so that people can read the menu. Install lighting with dimmers so that you can adjust it according to the time of the day.

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