5 Tips for Peugeot SUV Owners in UAE

5 Tips for Peugeot SUV Owners in UAE

The automobile industry is booming in the United Arab Emirates with over 300,000 cars being sold each year. The interesting part is that a large number of the purchases are going towards SUVs, typically medium-sized SUVs for their gorgeous crossover body aesthetics, off-roading capabilities, and the fact that they are a sensible choice for both urban and open road driving.

With this said, there are a lot of Peugeot SUV owners in the UAE who may need some tips on driving, owning, and selling their vehicles so here are a few tips to make owning an SUV a smoother experience:

  1. Depreciation is a massive thing in the UAE because owners typically only keep their vehicles for around five years whereas, in other regions of the world, most owners keep the same car for 8-10 years. There are several ways to beat depreciation in the UAE though:
    • Make sure to check out the current market value of your Peugeot SUV before you go to sell it, upgrade it, or buy a new one.
    • Most buyers will ask for the service history, including the receipts so make sure to keep them safe.
    • The hot weather of the UAE will wreak havoc on vehicles and the visual condition matters when selling, so store your vehicle in the shade where possible.
    • Have a warranty on the vehicle when you go to sell. Most people feel a lot more comfortable in buying a vehicle if it comes with a warranty.
  2. If you ever want to sell your vehicle, having an excellent service history is vital to making a good deal. Plus, regular maintenance is required considering the weather conditions of the UAE.
  3. Watch out for bad road conditions, as the UAE is notorious for high-speed drivers. When combined together, they can make for dangerous road conditions if you don’t stay careful.
  4. Do not drive without air conditioning and make sure that it is maintained properly as it is a complex piece of equipment. The UAE summers are extremely hot and running your Peugeot SUV through it without air conditioning can be extremely damaging to the vehicle.
  5. With the constant drain on the air conditioning during UAE summers, make sure to test your battery regularly.High ambient temperatures can actually cause the battery’s fluid to evaporate quicker which can cause corrosion of the connections and terminals. Also, loose terminals can cause fires, so it is worth getting checked more often than the recommended two years.

Finally, make sure to check your tires often as the heat from the tarmac can cause them to melt or wear out quicker to the point where they become threadbare. Threadbare tires can be lethal because they are more likely to blow out while moving at high speeds.

If the tires are over-inflated, they will also wear out quicker or cause them to become uneven which will mess up the alignment of the vehicle, which in turn, causes steering issues.

Being a car owner, one thing that you must always remember is never to keep any kind of pressurized cans in the vehicle for a long time during summers as considering the UAE’s heat; these cans will definitely explode and might even cause damage to your vehicle’s interior.

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