5 Things You Should Do for Maintaining Your Flat Roof

5 Things You Should Do for Maintaining Your Flat Roof

The roofs that are ancient form used in arid climates mostly. It allows the space to be utilized as a living space or living roof. Flat rood are built of masonry or concrete and it is best at keeping out the heat of the sun. It is cheap and easy to build. It is the most reliable and long lasting, it only requires maintenance and inspections. Scuppers and drain system should be clear and maintained. How much time and effort must spend on flat roof is totally depend on how roof is used and what type of material for roofing you have. Changing of weather can harm your flat roofs badly. Moisture is major concern in maintaining of roof, insulators play a model role as it offers superior moisture resistance Thermal insulation for flat concrete roof with suspended ceiling installation is best for protecting from heat of sun. Here, top 6 most common problems are listed that occur in flat roofs.

End of Roof’s Life:

One of the assured symbols that flat roof needs replacement is a phenomenon known as alligatoring. This issue occurs when asphalt used to build flat roof has aged and lost its elasticity, causes crack and bubbles. Unfortunately, it means that flat roof deteriorated past the point of no return and need replacement early.

Leakage and Moisture:

The most common problem with flat roofs, leaks and lingering moisture are issues effected so badly as longer as stay on top on roof. A flat roof develops leaks as the water does not have place to flow out. It means that moisture seeped into the roof and cause problems that can lead to mold ad fungus. The best way to face this problem is to insect roof regularly and maintenance when you find any issue.


Many people neglect to maintain or inspect their roofs as often they should. You should inspect you roof special if you have trees nearby. After heavy snowfall and rainfall examine properly. Keep on checking pooling water, blisters, holes, soft areas, and cracks, if noticed contact professional roofing contractor and take action. Remove dirt, wreckage from the roof, drain sand gutters maintained regularly.

Get Rid of Debris:

When you have a flat roof, all dirt and debris end up in gutter eventually. So, make routine to clean off rooftop so debris never piles up. These dirt pile and leaves can encourage pests, mold and moisture problem. Specially take care that no overhanging branches should be near flat roof.

Weight and Stress:

Although flat roofs may seem sturdy, most rooftops are delicate surprisingly. Too much extra weight cannot be affordable by flat roofs. Avoid stacking or piling supplies on the rooftop. Professional opinion is very important, before adding any equipment or features additionally. Concern them that how it will affect roof integrity.


All in short, the maintenance is the most important thing to take care of flat roof. For the best life of flat roof place insulator below the waterproof membrane and above all structural deck is warm roof deck. Best material of tiling is also important for maintaining flat roof.

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