Are all Fashion Campaigns a Scam?

Are all Fashion Campaigns a Scam?

The beauty of fashion lies in the fact that it is malleable, fluid, and never fixed. It keeps on changing so rapidly that it gets hard to actually keep up with it. In fact you are almost always stuck in second gear trying to be as up-to-date as possible. But the question pops that how come such a hurried way forward has been successful for the brands and hot shot labels out there? They make million per hour, how are you made to spend your hard earned money so relentlessly? Well, it is not entirely on you!

Too Quick To Soon

You need to sit back and think how many times did you actually wore the new jacket or shirt that you bought this season? Let us be honest here folks, you’ll be able to count it on your fingers! But why did you not wear it more often? You probably found something better to flaunt. In the cruel world of fashion you are made to feel that you are so behind and desperately need to catch up. And you can only do so by buying the newest available trend on the rack. Hence you end up on a limitless shopping spree!

Green Campaigns

Going green is great! You are expected to support the green initiative if you are not in the favor of ending human race in next few decades. Second, but not inferior to above mentioned reason, being on green initiative just sounds trendy for a lot of people. They want to be the it people with their eco-friendly mindsets. But little do they know that Fashion brands have made the best use of this innocent looking notion of being environment friendly. In 2015 the greenhouse gases from textile production were more than the emissions of all flights and maritime shipping combined! And the green washing strategies that fast fashion brands like Zara and HnM promote do not take into account numerous other factors that impact the environment making the effect of green washing almost negligible!

Person Centre Campaigns

Are you a little too disappointed at this moment with all the fashion brands and labels that you absolutely adore? Well, if we are playing fair not all the brand campaigns are despicable! Some of them can actually be quite progressive. For instance, take a look at Monark winter campaign; it seems like a breath of fresh air instilling self confidence in you. It talks about taking every day as new opportunity, about pursuing your dreams and ambitions with pure passion while you reflect an elegant persona with the right wardrobe choice. Such campaigns that are centered on you and making you feel comfortable in your own skin are the ones to follow. You are only as useful to the world as you are to yourself! So amidst all the scam and buying pressures have a laid back approach that is about you and your life choices!

Sale Sale Go Away!

Recently all brands are going crazy with sales all year around. There have been numerous occasions when I left out a great piece of clothing or accessory just because I had a gut feeling that this will go on sale soon and hence it is not worth my hard earned money. Fashion labels need to understand that they might be making a lot of money during the sale season but they are losing out on many quality customers! Trust me I never went out to buy the same product even when it was on sale. They impulse to buy was long over! So sale may be the trending fashion campaign but it has become redundant to say the least, there is nothing quite exciting about sales. Fashion labels really need to think out the box here!

No matter what a brand or a fashion label projects, at the end it all comes down to what you believe in and where your values lie as a consumer. So be more informed of the choices that you make! Make sure if you are spending your money somewhere where it is going for the right cause and right initiative. This will not only make your shopping experience fulfilling but also promotes awareness at a bigger level.

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