Amritsar – Get the Experiences of Spiritual city Of Punjab

Amritsar – Get the Experiences of Spiritual city Of Punjab

Amritsar is a Spiritual city of Punjab, India. Here you can experience the culture, custom, language and lifestyle of Sikhs. It is one of the largest cities in Punjab. You can taste the food of Amritsar it is also famous for their foods. Punjabis are very passionate about Food. They eat, serve and cook tasty dishes. Amritsar is also famous for patriotism. There are many places which tell the struggling story of India’s independence. It is also a religious place.

Here you can visit many Unique Temples and Gurudwaras. Today I am going to share the experience of travel with Vipin's Experience of Amritsar Trip and tell you what to plan?, How to Go?, and things to do there which makes Your trip memorable

Things to do in Amritsar

  1. Visit Golden Temple

Golden temple is a huge attraction of Punjab. It is also known as Harmandir Sahib ( temple of God). This temple is made up of gold. Gold is the uniqueness of this temple. Many people visit Amritsar Only to see Golden temple. It is truly marvellous and peaceful Place and never forgets to take the blessings of this temple as a Parsad.

Never Forget to Visit Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh is this Place of Amritsar where British Troop under the command of Reginald Dyer fired rifles into a crowd and killed all people who gather there. In current time, you can see the spots of bullets on the wall. This place inspires us and shows the struggle of independence.

Visit Harike Wetland

The harike wetland is the largest wetland of northern Region of India. It is also known as “Hari- ke – pattan”.

The vegetation, Flora and fauna of this place is tremendous and the Harike lake is the deepest part of this wetland. This wetland was formed due to of constructing Headworks over Sutlej River. Green vegetation of this place attracts the people. You can also see Indian dolphins and Gharials. It was also declared as Bird Sanctuary “ Harike Pattan Bird Sanctuary

Visit Wagah Border

Wagah is a name of the village which divided into two part during the partition of India and Pakistan. This border is Created by Gate and it is a link between two countries. Here You can see the Grand ceremony of both countries every year on 15th August.

Amritsar Heritage Walk

It is the place where You can see the evolution of Punjab. You can do a complete journey of 400 yrs of Amritsar and know about all things like katras, Akharas, Bunga, Havelies and Hatties. It is like street so for taking the complete Experience of this place you need to do street walk that’s why it’s named as Amritsar heritage walk.

Take Blessings From Hanuman Mandir

Hanuman Mandir is a religious place of Amritsar. It’s believed that on this place Lord Rama Done their Ashwamedha Ceremony. Here You can see the big Statue of Lord Hanuman. It also believed that if you pray there with True soul, then your all wishes will full fill.

Do shopping At Hall Bazar

Everyone Love shopping so visits there for shopping. It is an amazing market formed in Mughal Architectural style. It is street market, you can get almost everything. There are varieties of shops of Dress, Ornaments, Electronic Items, shoes, books, Handicraft Products, and many other things. So, shopping lovers don’t miss to visit there. You will get the chance to know their tradition by their marketing.

How to visit Amritsar?

Amritsar is a developed city. You can visit there by Train, flight and Bus. It Depends on Your location which way is best for you.

· If You live near Amritsar like Delhi and some other nearest state. You can take Bus, train and Your own vehicle are best to visit Amritsar.

· If You live far, then best option to visit Amritsar is to take train or fight both will good.

· If You live in Aboard then take Direct flight for Amritsar. In this city, International Airport is also available “ Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport”.

· After visiting Amritsar You need to take Local transport for all these sites seen. Local transports are available there. You can Get it easily.

So, These are the Best Places Of Amritsar. You Can easily visit there and Get a wonder Experience of Amritsar and share Your Experiences and Resolve your Queries with Travel with Vipin”.

Thank You.

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