All You Need to Know for Buying the Perfect Window Blinds!

All You Need to Know for Buying the Perfect Window Blinds!

Window blinds are of great help in the home as they provide the private surroundings with a defined look that enhances the overall atmosphere and impression of the room.

Although, it is not only about the look but also about other reasons and advantages that a specific blind can offer. Controlling of the light, privacy, and interior designing are just some of the benefits that a window blind offers.

And one other additional benefit that is unbeatable is of durability and easy maintenance. A fabric curtain would take you hours for cleaning, washing, and re-installation, but a blind would take less than half the time for the same job.

However, it can be a struggle in choosing the right blind for the house. There are many types of window blinds available in the market, and each serves a different purpose because it is just not about the styling.

These are the three types of blinds that you will find at a Window Blinds India Shop:
• Roller Blinds
• Roman Blinds
• Venetian Blinds

Each shade serves the purpose with its unique properties. They can be used in different room settings accordingly.
1. Roller Blinds

This category of window blinds is the most popular one across India. Roller blinds are manufactured with a 100 % polyester material. They are also highly durable and cheap as compared to the other specific blinds.

The mechanism behind using a roller blind
The shades are rolled in an upward direction through a cylinder that is supposed to run above the concerned window.

Purpose of a Roller Blind
Usually, roller blinds application is limited to sunscreen and block out. The sunscreen feature allows only a certain amount of light to enter through the fabric and for latter completely blocks the light from entering the room.

Roller Blinds Suitability: Sliding Doors, and Living Rooms

2. Roman Blinds

A roman blind can include polyester and, linen and cotton fabric as its manufacturing materials. It provides with a light finish in the intimate surroundings and is suitable for complementing and matching the home furnishings.

The mechanism behind using a roman blind
The section of the blind is rolled into a stack.

Purpose of a Roman Blind
The roman blinds offer the same features of a roller blind. Both sunscreen and block out feature are available.

Roman Blinds Suitability: In living area for maintaining privacy, and for bedrooms.

3. Venetian Blinds

These blinds are available in three different materials, and each serves its unique purpose. Aluminum, ecowood, and wooden are the three choices you can prefer according to your specific needs.

Aluminum Venetian blinds are inexpensive and are used for the bathrooms and the workplace interiors. Such a blind offers excellent flexibility and are also called as the mini blinds.

Wooden Venetian blinds are taken in use for the large and decent sized home windows. Mostly the woods used are basswood and bamboo. They aren't suitable in the areas where there is moisture present in the air such as bathrooms.

Ecowood Venetian blinds are the contemporary hits amongst the users. It is made of PVC or plastic but can also have some wood. The ecowood blind is suitable in areas where moisture is present.

These guidelines are sufficient enough for you to buy any window blinds India.

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