A Quick Guide To Protect Your Persian Rug From Moth Damage

A Quick Guide To Protect Your Persian Rug From Moth Damage

It is no wonder that you love your Persian rug the most. Persian rugs are handwoven, an item in your house that is going to instantly draw the attention of your guests because of its great visual appeal. Not only beauty, but it is also cherished because of its antique history. It is entirely a unique historical item in your house that needs regular cleaning. As an enthusiastic rug owner, you should know that there are two major enemies of a handmade rug in your house dampness and moths. The way your rug is going to draw guests, it will also invite moths to lay eggs.

Once these moths have laid eggs there and the eggs are hatched, your rug damage starts because moth larvae take nutrition from rug fibers and if your rug is in storage and you have not checked it for a long time, it is just going to turn into a piece of knots. If you are a victim of these moths and are looking for a rug moth damage repair in Manhattan NY, this quick guide is going to be your assistant. We will tell how you can deal with the damage and how you can protect your rug from moth damage. Firstly, let's learn about some preventive measures:

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your carpet after regular intervals is recommended so that there is no dirt or dust on it. When your carpet is dirty, chances are higher that moths will start living there and consume food from its wool fibers and soon you will need rug resizing because of a damaged piece.

Clean Rugs Before Putting In A Storage

When you are going to store your handmade rug, make sure that you have cleaned it thoroughly as storing dirty might attract moths. They love dust and instantly make a house where it is dirty. Soon, your piece of Persian rug is going to be damaged if kept unclean. Professional cleaning is recommended if you are keeping it in the storage for an undefined period of time.

Wrap It In A Cotton Sheet

Moths do not eat cotton, so it would be better to wrap your rug in a cotton sheet. There are two benefits of using a cotton sheet; first, it will repel moths and secondly, it will allow the rug to breathe. On the contrary, if packed it in a plastic sheet, it is going to create dampness which is an ideal environment for these moths to grow.

Store In A Well Ventilated Area

This is another preventive measure that you can take to protect your carpet from moth damage. If you are keeping your rug in a closet, moths are going to be attracted towards it because of that ideal dark room where they love to make a home. And if the storage is a well-ventilated area, you can be sure of your rug safety without even having regular inspections on it.

Tip For Moth Damaged Rug Repair

If your rug is already damaged because of extensive moth infestation, we will recommend you to choose a rug restoration company that deals with the damaged rugs and provide quality repairs. As soon as you start hunting for a reliable service, you will probably get a number of options available. However, choose one which has a good reputation among clients.

Final Thoughts!

We believe that a Persian rug is a piece of art that should be kept in your room instead of storage. Enjoy the beauty of your rug, by displaying it in your lounge and if it becomes indispensable to move it in storage, do not forget to follow these preventive measures.

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