A Problem Facing Todays World

A Problem Facing Todays World

The World is facing various environmental issues in current time and one of them is Pollution which may be the cause of hazardous situation in future that would badly effect on all living beings lived on this earth that we highly need to understand the current and future situation due to pollution on this earth. For People aware about causes, effects and solutions regarding pollution. So, we are going to provide here some awareness on this topic .

Pollution contributes to the harmful environment that results in adverse effect on living organisms. Pollution is the process that makes nature’s resources such as land, water, air or other parts of the environment unsafe or unsuitable use. Pollution can take the form of Chemical substances or energy such as noise, heat or light.

More than 200 million people are affected due to toxic pollutants. Due to pollution there are few countries that have faced defected child birth and increase in mortality rate. Humans are regularly exposed to pollution when they inhale toxic air inside them and not only humans but also birds and animals it is too harmful and injurious for them. Pollution always put bad effect on people’s health i.e. physical and mental as well as many types of diseases occurred day by day .

Types of Pollution and their Causes :

  1. Land Pollution : Land or soil pollution is the mixing harmful element into soil which affects land and also the fertility of soil. Soil is polluted either by human activities or industrialization. The decomposition of various waste materials causes harmful gases and bad smell. Use of pesticides or insecticides by farmers to save crop from insect, fungus or pests also affect the land fertility and thus people face hybrid vegetables by using chemicals which directly use of food and grains.
  2. Water Pollution : Water pollution is another issue of pollution. It is caused due to several reasons. Here are the few major causes of water pollution i.e. wastage materials , garbage , liquid waste of households , agricultural land and factories are discharged into rivers and lakes which effects not only humans but also effects the entire biosphere including all living organisms like plants, birds and animals.
  3. Air Pollution : Air pollution causes burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas, and gasoline to produce electricity and power our vehicles. Air pollution containing sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide causes acid rain which turn pollutes and effects on aqua resources and soils. Some air pollution can be controlled through changes our lifestyle .
  4. Noise Pollution : Noise Pollution occurs various horns, loud music’s, construction machinery sounds , and other human activities . It can cause hypertension, high stress levels, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and other harmful effects.

Solution for this huge problem of pollution can be found by the equal support and efforts of all people living all around the world. Try to clean our house , society and nation on our first priority. Try to use dustbins to avoid spread dust or wastage , drinking water should be clean and pure. Try to clean water tanks, ponds, rivers on twice a week . We should using toilet and spread awareness on others. We should use small equipments at home for avoiding noise pollution. We use public transport or car pooling to avoid air pollution which causes threatening diseases like cancer, asthma, lung disorder and many more.

Conclusion : If we controlled or reduced pollution a while then our Mother Earth will be free and we save the world from environmental pollution . These were some kind of easy solution than can be effective for reducing pollution in natural resources of air , water or land.

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