A Memory that Lasts Forever

A Memory that Lasts Forever

There are many ways that one can go about memorializing a special person or event. Some people take home movies, some people write in a diary, and some people scrapbook. If you are looking for something with a little more flair, you should buy a 3D glass picture. With a 3D glass picture from Crystal Prints your memory will be forever encased in a beautiful glass crystal which you can get in a variety of shapes and sizes. Since it lasts far longer than a photograph or a poem, it will stay in your heart even longer.

Sometimes you have an image that you want to carry around with you everywhere you go. While some people will keep a photo in their wallet, if you wanted to take a step further you may be interested in getting the image lasered into a pendant. This way you can have the image of your departed loved one, or a photo of your first dance with your partner, or even a photo of your dog close to your heart everywhere you go. If you are not usually the type to wear jewelry, another option is to put the same images on a keychain. If you still wanted to keep the size of the traditional glass block but want something a little bit different, you can order one of the many shapes they make available. They offer a wide variety of fun shapes such as an obelisk for your beloved pet, an iceberg for your business achievement, a heart for you and your sweetheart, or an ornament to celebrate your little one’s first christmas. Crystal Prints also offers the option to print your images in full 3D, so you can have the full view of your first kiss on your wedding day instead of just one angle. This brings back an entirely different wave of emotions and memories than just a flat image. With all of these options, you can customize your keepsake to make it exactly what you need to fit in with the person or memory.

The biggest downside to printing photos of some of the most special events is that there are a number of ways that the photo paper can be destroyed or damaged. If someone were to spill any type of liquids on your images, they would be destroyed forever. With sun exposure and a bit of time, you also notice a dramatic bit of fading on your photo, possibly tainting the sweet memory it is supposed to capture. These issues are all fixed with a 3D glass picture. You can have your image encased in a beautiful glass shape that can be placed anywhere in your home, and it will withstand far more than the traditional photo. These crystal keepsakes can be left out in a rainstorm overnight and will still shine bright with the image of your smiling loved one looking back at you. They are also immune to sun bleaching that you see with paper printed photography. Keep your crystal ornament in your window for years and years and the image will still hold true and look just as crisp and beautiful as the first day you had it in your hands.

No matter what type of memory you are trying to preserve for the rest of your life, Crystal Prints has just the right option for you. They have any type of shape to perfectly fit the image you want encapsulated forever in glass. These images are durable, and will last you throughout your entire life. Buying one of these beautiful keepsakes will be the best way to keep the person or the moment right in front of you for years to come.

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