A Brief History of Video Gaming and Why Dedicated Servers are the Requirement for Online Gaming Portals

A Brief History of Video Gaming and Why Dedicated Servers are the Requirement for Online Gaming Portals

After the introduction of gaming consoles and their commercial availability, video gaming consoles and handheld devices slowly become a household item. And that started a new revolution.

With the popularity of games, apart from consoles, gaming computers are still popular. There are many factors for and against it, so let us discuss this aspect now.

Gaming Computers

Also known as a gaming PC, it is a variant of the PC designed for playing video games as high computing power and processing are required. Enhanced RAM, graphics cards, and processors are just some of the accessories that are state of the art and expensive as compared to a regular PC. There are enough reasons that die-hard fans won’t listen to anything even as they have to shell out a handsome amount in this regard.

All gaming computers can be classified as high-end by definition, but they can be further divided into low, mid, and high-range. With enough computing power, they can also be used for other tasks too, such as video editing and specialized software like CAD/CAM and Oracle Enterprise Manager. Many companies offer customized gaming machines to game enthusiasts so that they can't play games without any hassle.

Let me define these customized machines a bit further and how they can assist you in playing games over the internet with them.

A Customized Gaming Machine and its Advantage

There are many requirements for a gaming machine that can make you play your favorite game without any interruption or lag in the system. Apart from the ones mentioned above, a solid-state drive, power supplies, and cases are required so that you can assemble a PC that can work for you in this concern. About the appearance, I am not sure if all of my readers exchange gaming PCs. They resemble a typical PC, but they are huge in size. The colors used for the cases are also vibrant to give them a distinct look.

These systems heat up pretty quickly due to intense use of the system resources, and that’s why cooling of these systems is required. This is usually done through fans, but there are several other ways to do that. Water or liquid cooling is also used, and in many accounts, this is far more effective than using fans. Because water transfers heat more efficiently than air, it is now used by many gamers in cooling off their systems effectively. However, in the case of water leakage, the PC's hardware can get severely damaged based on the extent of the leakage.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is not a new trend, and it gained tremendous support from gamers quickly. And now, this is what we all experience as online video gaming is for everyone to enjoy. There are several free online gaming websites so that anyone can play games easily. And there are premium services available on which gamers can play the latest video games with other players from around the world.

Gaming companies offer excellent support to their online customers; exceptional online hosting is required so that they can offer their services without any hiccup. There are several ways dedicated servers work the best to offer exclusive support to online gaming websites.

Let me offer you some more information and why only dedicated servers work best in this scenario.

Dedicated Online Hosting Necessary for Gaming Portals

On any gaming portal, thousands of visitors log in simultaneously to play games. On big platforms and gaming websites, sometimes that figure can cross the million mark, and that's why dedicated hosting is the requirement. Any gaming portal needs to think about how it can satisfy the requirements of its visitors. Online gaming is unlike most of the other activities on the internet. It requires much bandwidth and effective and efficient use of all the resources for optimum support.

Many websites use gaming dedicated servers nowadays to make sure that they leave no stone unturned in giving their visitors the best service. Think about when you have to start any business. Would you like to share your space with anyone? Surely not, and when we talk about gaming portals, this is definitely not done. There are several other aspects for which this is not the right way to move forward.

Some Salient Features of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server and hosting provide businesses with the best service to offer exclusive support to their subscribers. Anyone paying a premium amount to play high definition and latest games on the internet would like to get consistent and uninterrupted service. And that is why virtually all the companies use dedicated servers to provide the seamless support that their customers require.

Dedicated servers may be a little bit on the expensive side when you compare them with shared service. But as I have repeatedly mentioned that businesses need sectional support for their customers. Gaming is unlike any other business where bandwidth and continuous support are required 24 by 7. That is why anything less than dedicated hosting and servers for online gaming portals will not work.

Dedicated servers can manage the use amount of traffic at any time. Even at peak hours when Virtually all the customers of a gaming website are playing, dedicated servers can handle the pressure. Of course, with time, you need to upgrade the server's hardware and software or upgrade the plan you got on that particular server; this is a common requirement for every business getting a hosting service.

Over to you

The reliability factor is one aspect that businesses need. And online gaming services require such services so that they can offer exceptional support to their customers.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask any questions, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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