9 Romantic Flowers For The Woman You Love (That Aren’t Roses)

9 Romantic Flowers For The Woman You Love (That Aren’t Roses)

When you think of a specific flower to give your woman on a romantic occasion, like Valentine’s Day, wedding day and Anniversary, you probably have one no-brainer - a bunch of roses. And not just any roses - red roses, of course. Whether they are the classic red ones or blooms of gentler colors like pink and white, or whether they’re given personally or sent with a flower delivery service, a stunning bouquet of roses never disappoints. Flowers are always the best option for anyone. If you are doing arrange marrige , before printing your wedding cards, you can give her some flowes to make your wedding romentic. They’re a surefire way to make the recipient feel the burning love and passion of the sender.

However, there’s more to romance than giving traditional red roses.

Roses are beautiful, but maybe your sweetheart is tired of receiving the same old thing all the time. They aren’t the only romantic flowers out there - other blooms can also be as romantic as roses.

If you want to give something different for her upcoming birthday, anniversary, or other meaningful occasions, here are some of the most romantic flowers you may consider.

1. Tulips
In the language of flowers, tulips symbolize “perfect love”, making them ideal for Valentine’s day and other romantic celebrations like anniversaries. The black center of the flower is believed to be representing a lover's heart darkened by passion.

If you’re buying a romantic bouquet, stick with red tulips. Red, in color psychology, is strongly associated with true love. You may also explore other tulip variants if you’re giving flowers for other reasons. For example, yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts while white tulips are used to send a message of forgiveness.

Another good thing about tulips, compared to roses and other blooms, is they’re not just pretty but long lasting as well. They keep growing in water after being cut off instead of merely surviving.

2. Carnations
A lush bouquet of red carnations is enough to see your partner’s eyes light up. Light Red Carnations symbolize admiration, making them a great choice for lovers who are just in the beginning stage of their relationship. Dark reds, on the other hand, symbolize deep love and affection. No wonder why Carnations are considered as “first wedding anniversary flowers” based on flower symbolism.

If you want a romantic bouquet but you want to opt out of the red, white carnations are also a good choice as they mean pure love and good luck.

3. Lilies
Want to tell your special someone that she is beautiful? What better way to do it than say it with a bouquet of star-shaped lilies.

Lilies come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you want something vibrant and extremely fragrant, go for a Stargazer oriental lily with deep fuchsia shade. Calla Lilies are your best bet if you want to keep it simple yet classy and beautiful.

4. Daisies
When you think of daisies, images of white-petalled flowers with yellow centers may first come to mind. They are the most common variety, but if you’re looking for something more colorful, you may go for Gerbera daisies which come in a cheery rainbow of shades.

Gerbera daisies bloom in bright red, orange, yellow, and pink, and in dark Colors including purple, dark raspberry, and maroon. If you prefer softer shades, they also come in pastels including pale to medium pink, yellows, peach and light purple.

5. Asters
Like Gerbera Daisies, Asters come in vibrant colors and rich texture. They can be bloom in purple, red, pink, blue, lavender, and white.

6. Orchids
There are over 25,000 different kinds of orchids to choose from, which come in different forms and colors. Beautiful, exotic orchids represent rare and delicate beauty. Other meanings include love, beauty, seduction, luxury, and refinement - no matter what kind of orchid you pick, it is sure to please the woman you love.

7. Irises
Want to opt out of bright warm hues and go for purples instead? You can never go wrong with Iris, especially if you’re looking for enchanting, wild-looking flowers. In flower language, delicate blue and purple petals represent faith, valor, wisdom, and promise.

There are three classifications: Beaded Iris, Arid Aris, and the Beadless Iris, each with their own distinct qualities and beauty.

8. Lilacs
Purple lilac is another good choice if you’re giving fresh blooms to someone you just met - they symbolize the first emotions of love. Make the mix more interesting with white lilac blooms which signify youthful innocence.

9. Sunflowers
Yellow may not be the first thing in mind when you think of “romantic flower colors” but it can be - especially if you’re giving a cheerful arrangement of sunflowers. The striking beauty of these vibrant blooms represents warmth, happiness, adoration, and loyalty, which are vital to creating a good romantic relationship.

If you think they’re too large for a bouquet, keep in mind that there are many dwarf species that look splendid in cut arrangements.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is one of the daytime writers for Roses Only, a luxury brand that prides itself on supplying and arranging the world’s finest long-stemmed roses for various occasions. She writes about basic gardening and creative flower arrangement ideas.

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