9 Crazy Sanitize-On-The-Go Products For Travelling Germaphobes

9 Crazy Sanitize-On-The-Go Products For Travelling Germaphobes

We all hate germs. We all hate bad bacteria. We all hate filth. Who doesn't? However, there are certain people whose disgust and fear of germs reach the extent of giving up traveling to completely avoid getting in contact with microbes. They're called germaphobes.

Germaphobia, also known as mysophobia, is the pathological fear of germs and contamination. Since they are anxious about getting exposed to germs, germaphobes become obsessed with sanitizing themselves, as well as items and places they feel are contaminated. They hate filth. They hate clutter. They feel the urge to wash up after shaking hands with other people. They go to the bathroom more often than usual to wash. They take extreme, irrational moves to avoid the feared situation.

If you've been living with this condition and you feel like it's interfering with your life, nothing beats psychotherapy. Next to professional treatment, you can self-help NOT by avoiding troubling situations but by amping up your protection when facing these situations. Luckily, there are a wide array of products that cater to you, whether you're a germaphobe, allergic, or someone who's just overly hygienic.

Spend less time in the bathroom and more time in recreation. Next to sanitizing essentials like anti-bacterial gels, sprays, soaps, and wipes, you can pack these smart luggage-friendly, sanitize-on-the-go products the next time you travel.

1. Travel bidet

The restrooms in different parts of the globe are nothing compared to your immaculately clean and fragrant bathroom. Not all of them have bidets, and even if they do, you might still refuse to touch them. Save yourself from distress by bringing your own, personal bidet.

One product to check out is Sanicare's Travel Bidet, a unique personal hygiene system that makes cleaning more convenient for frequent travelers anytime and anywhere. This handheld portable bidet equipped with three multifunctional nozzles, each with specific purposes.

2. Toilet seat cleaner

Looking for a perfect partner for you travel bidet? Say no more. You may check out Clean Cheeks, a basic personal toilet seat sanitizer that kills 99.9% of known bathroom germs on contact. Give yourself the peace of mind by spraying it on the toilet seat and wiping it with a gentle tissue paper.

3. Portable fragrant soap sheets

Don't like the idea of reusing a bar of soap? Hate the messy surprises of leaky dispenser pumps? Want to lighten up your luggage? “Paper soaps” are a thing.

Portable fragrant paper soap sheets are wafer-thin and smaller than a business card. You Smell, a paper soap brand, claims that their products have no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals. Just add water and watch these virtually weightless sheets transform into a sudsy lather.

4. UV disinfection light scanner

Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, mold, fungus, and other minuscule contaminants in just 30 seconds without getting your hands filthy? Thanks to UV disinfection light scanners, you now can.

Before using germ-prone items including the telephone, remote control, and toilets, use the disinfection scanner to kill the germs lurking in them and create an (almost) germ-free environment.

5. Wearable mosquito repeller

You decide to catch a glimpse of cute koalas and other animals at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney and ditch comfort from staying at one of the best Parramatta Hotels. All is well until you find yourself scratching and itching due to mosquito bites.

Lighting coils and plugging mosquito repellents into a socket do the job in saving you from getting bugged and bitten by mosquitoes in your hotel room. But what if you have to go out? Mosquito repellent patches and lotions work, but if you're not satisfied with them, you can reach for a wearable mosquito repeller. It straps to your belt, repelling pesky blood-sucking insects within a 15ft radius.

6. Plug-in air purifier

No hotel room is cleaned from top to bottom. Instead of purchasing a black light room inspector to scan and see all the filth the previous guests left in your room, purchase an air purifier or air cleaner instead. Ignorance is a bliss, right? An air purifier helps eliminate 98% of airborne germs, thus giving you the assurance that you're not inhaling contaminants and allergens.

7. iStraw emergency water filter

You're riding a camel in the middle of a desert, then you suddenly feel tired and thirsty. A kind local offers you a sip of water from his water bag. You can either break your iodine tablets to purify the water (and insult your host) or pull out a portable water filtration straw.

iStraw, a water filtration tool filters out any waterborne bacteria present in local water, water bags, and ice cubes. It also doesn't have an aftertaste, unlike water purification tablets.

8. Phone soap charger

Research has it: Phones are ten times dirtier than toilet seats. Our hands are the major culprits; just think about how often we hold, click, and swipe our phones per day. The germs lurking in our phones are also the main reason for acne.

While you can't soak your water in a tub, you can clean and charge it at the same time using a phone soap charger. Phonesoap sanitizer and universal phone charger use UV light to safely kill bacteria in just 5 minutes or less.

9. Scoughs

Ditch your fresh-from-the hospital earloop masks and say hello to low-key scoughs which also do the job. Scoughs are germ-fighting scarves that ward off germs and air pollutants while keeping you looking fashionable.

At first, a scough simply looks like a scarf or bandana. But behind each scough is an activated-carbon filter, the same technology the military utilizes to protect them against chemical warfare. The filters are good for 3 months and should be replaced.

Exploring the world is a wonderful thing and you don't have to put your travel goals on hold just because you're afraid of germs!

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is one of the writers for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation, a modern hotel in Western Sydney known for their exceptional accommodation, service, and location, which appeals to travelers in Australia. She has always been passionate about giving in to her wanderlust and collecting mementos from different places.

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