8 Ways to Increase iPhone Storage

8 Ways to Increase iPhone Storage

Commonly, the internal memory of iPhone 6 is easy to get full of music, photos, videos, and apps, even 64GB may eventually run out of memory after a long time. What if your iPhone is running out of space? Some of you may choose to directly delete some data from the iPhone so as to free up iPhone memory. But, this is not a good option.

We collect 8 useful methods to expand iPhone storage in two aspects.

Case1. Free up Memory on iPhone

As is well known, all iOS devices don't have an SD card slot. In other words, unlike Android users, you are not allowed to directly expand the storage space of your iPhone by inserting an extra SD card. Hence, you can only increase iPhone memory via other ways. And here, you can choose to free up space on iPhone for more iPhone storage.

① Extract iPhone Data to PC

Usually, you may consider transferring some files to your computer, an external hard drive or a USB flash drive so as to remove some files. How to do this? Actually, it is very easy as long as you use a professional iOS data extractor tool. Here, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS can be your good helper. Developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., it is helpful to transfer existing files to your computer, a USB drive or an external hard drive and recover lost files from iPhone internal memory/iTunes backup/iCloud backup. Note that it is available on Windows OS including Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X

② Delete Old iPhone Backups

Commonly, some of you may have a few backups in iPhone which may take up fairly storage space. In order to free up memory on iPhone to increase iPhone storage, another solution is to delete some old iPhone backups.

1. Go to Settings and click General.
2. Tap on Storage & iCloud Usage.
3. Tap on Manage Storage under iCloud section to choose the old iPhone backup.
4. Hit Delete Backup > Turn Off & Delete to turn off backup and delete all backup data for the device. Note that the backup will be deleted but iCloud backup will be also disabled.

③ Delete Unused Apps

Firstly you need to find out which apps are taking up so much space if you find iPhone storage full. You can do this by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage (Tip: it may be Storage & iCloud Usage in older iOS versions) and taping on Manage Storage.

Then, you will see a list of apps arranged by the storage space they take up from largest to smallest. If you find the app you rarely use is taking up much memory when scrolling through the list, choose it and you can view Documents & Data also takes up some space. How to free up space on iPhone documents and data? Just choose and delete the app by tapping Delete App option. Simultaneously, Documents & Data will be removed.

④ Uninstall and Reinstall Storage-Hungry Apps

Over time, some apps may take up much iPhone memory since they store data locally and cache some things to get better performance. For example, Facebook is such an app. Perhaps you will find the storage space that it alone takes up is up to gigs on iPhones or iPads. Thus, please check your iPhone storage usage regularly and see which apps are taking up the most memory on your iPhone or iPad. Then, to uninstall and reinstall those apps to get rid of all cached data.

This is a simple way to help free up iPhone memory and increase iPhone storage.

⑤ Use iCloud Photo Library

In iPhone, there is a feature called iCloud Photo Library, enabling you to keep your photos in the cloud instead of on your iPhone. If you enable it, it will help you to free up much-needed space on your iPhone for new data by removing local copies, typically older photos.

How to free up space on iPhone using iCloud? Just do this by going to Settings > Photos & Camera to turn on iCloud Photo Library.


  • You must have enough iCloud storage space.
  • You can only view photos that are streamed offline.
  • Make sure the option Optimize iPhone Storage is selected.

⑥ Turn off Photo Stream

If you have enabled Photo Stream, you can see photos you have taken on your iPhone/iPad and all pictures you have uploaded. Although those photos are not full-res, they still take up much space. You may not need these photos, because they may just be duplicates of existing photos on your device. How to increase storage on iPhone? Just turn off Photo Stream.

Go to Settings > Photos (or Photos & Camera in older iOS versions) and disable My Photo Stream. This will delete your Photo Stream from your iPhone and expand iPhone storage.

Case 2: Use Hardware/WiFi Connected Memory to Increase iPhone Storage

In general, you may take measures to free up iPhone memory to extend iPhone storage. Additionally, you can do an iPhone memory upgrade to 64GB or more space on your iPhone 6 or other models. And it is to use hardware connected or WiFi connected memory to expand the storage of your device. Well then, how to increase storage on iPhone 6? Keep reading.

A phone-friendly lightning port stick like a USB drive can work with your iPhone or iPad running iOS11with the lightning connector, giving you a fixed amount of storage.

By connecting this device to your iPhone when iPhone 6 storage full happens, you can transfer data faster without any additional battery to operate, auto-sync photos and videos from the camera roll, and also directly watch popular format videos from the drive.

Don't want anything sticking out of your iPhone 6 or iPad? You can choose to use a wireless flash drivewhich can be known as a media hub. Wireless flash drives are coming with snap-in Wi-Fi and an internal battery, letting you connect to other Wi-Fi devices so as to transfer files, stream HD videos and music, save and share videos/photos to or from your iPhone or iPad.

To add more storage space to your iPhone 6 or other devices, you need to buy a wireless flash drive. If you need to increase more iPhone storage, many companies offer wireless hard drives which can work well in the same way.

By the above two ways, you can effectively increase iPhone 6 external storage. Just choose one based on your actual needs.

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