7 Ways to Cheaper Airfares

7 Ways to Cheaper Airfares

Holiday planning can be as mind-boggling as it is fun, considering how expensive it can get. In a world where just the costs of living are soaring, vacations may empty your pockets just a little more than you want it to. Tourism has now become international; and for traveling overseas, you need to use airways for transport. As we all know, airfare is a costly affair. But if you know the right way to book flight tickets, you may be able to save a lot on those ticket prices!

Here are some measures for cost-cutting on those air tariffs:

  • Make sure you book around six-seven weeks in advance. Here itself it's possible to cut down the costs by about ten percent. This is due to most airline companies offering great deals 50 days before the actual flight. These are just the findings of a statistical compilation of data over the years, but it can sure be given a try.
  • The best time to buy is on Tuesday at 3 PM EST, according to a study. You could also try early in the mornings for best deals.
  • Try to book your tickets for a Tuesday, Wednesday or a Saturday. According to a study, these are the days on which airfares are the cheapest. So try to plan your vacation such that your journey days are on either of the above mentioned days. Or, the least you could do is avoid flying on weekends as just like movie tickets, these tickets are costly on weekends.
  • The cheapest flight is usually the first flight in the morning. After that, it would be the ones during or after lunchtime or during dinner time. This is because flyers usually prefer not to fly at awkward times and that's when fares are the cheapest.
  • Don't entirely rely on websites for comparison of fares. They might not have done all the groundwork perfectly, and let's face it, it's always best to check out something for yourself rather than trust another blindly. So check out individual websites of airlines and carefully examine the extra charges like those on baggage, and the terms & conditions associated with them.
  • We generally tend to ignore any "subscribe" or "sign up for free alerts!" messages popping up on our windows. But in some cases, these alerts might be helpful after all! Almost every airline website offers the service of notifying you through some media when the prices fall. So, be alert!
  • If you possess the airline's credit card, you are bound to have an edge over the other commuters on fares and seat availability. Credit cards of airlines offer incentives like free checked bags, priority boarding, and seat selection. So if you fly frequently on a particular airline, you can definitely make the best of these benefits!

The Delhi to Mumbai route is one of the most traveled by routes in India. Delhi to Mumbai Flights Schedule is posted on the websites of all your favorite airlines. So, go ahead and get that cheap ticket! Make sure you keep in mind all these facts while booking and do have a fun & safe journey!

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