7 Home Exterior Paint Colors Are Always “In-Trend”

7 Home Exterior Paint Colors Are Always “In-Trend”

Home improvement has various facets which require different investments. A lot of homeowners spend on maintenance and improvement to have an inviting curb appeal of their house. One easy way to crank up the worth of a home is to have its exteriors painted.

A fresh coat of paint revitalizes the overall look of a property. Choice of colors has always been confusing and one of the most frequently asked questions. This selection has a much greater impact when it is about the home “exteriors”. You can have an opinion about this from the nearest reliable home exterior painting company in Atlanta GA.

One of the most dynamic aspects of residential painting industry is the paint color. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends in color industry can be a bit expensive at times. Flashy accents may be the hit trend of one year and the very next year they may be completely out of fashion.

Here are the 7 paint color choices which have passed the test of time and never go outdated.

1. White

One of America’s most famous buildings “White House” has brought the color white on the top of this list. Whisper white hues on any house make it up an iconic abode. White color means purity and cleanliness even on the walls. It may be one of the most difficult paint colors to maintain but it significantly increases the street appeal of a house.

2. Beige

Some traditions are worth keeping. Beige color paint for the home exteriors is one of such traditions. The earthly palette blends up with the environment and thus it never seems too flashy for eyes. It is appropriate for every season. The sandy color makes up a soothing landscape.

3. Pale Yellow

Wherever there is yellow, there is happiness. It is equally applicable to home exteriors. The paler hues of yellow are known to attract potential buyers on all days of the year. Mixing up the softer yellow shades with white makes a cheerful home exterior. It has rightly been one of the top choices of home designers.

4. Dull Grey

Gray can never go wrong in house painting. A huge variety of combinations and degrees of gray are available in the painting industry. The lighter tone of grey has been around us for decades and it is bound to stay. It has a sleek and sophisticated appeal to it. White trimming greatly enhances its beauty. If you have traditional shingles as your roofing material, gray blends really nicely.

5. Taupe

Taupe has been a choice of home designers since ages. The mild brown shades are equally popular among traditionalists and those who like sticking to trends. Combinations of lighthouse red and taupe go in line with woodworks. Landscaping becomes quite easier once you have opted for this tone. This blends in your surroundings and stands out for its grace.

6. Ivory

This shade is always known for its royal appeal and elegance. It is a classic.

Ivory exteriors allow to experiment with wood trimmings and add up to the final classic look. It is warm, clean, pure and fresh all at once. It brightens the landscape of your house as green plants look amazing with this background. A reputable custom home painting company can spice up your home exterior using ivory as basic color.

7. Neutral Blue

Blue palette is most popular for its serenity and calmness. It is an appealing earth color and a natural choice for many home painters and buyers. It has the magic of being soothing and evocative and at the same time. Neutral blues blends in with every geographical location.

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