7 Golden Tips to Maintain a Healthy Denture

7 Golden Tips to Maintain a Healthy Denture

Have you already bid adieu to all your teeth? Well, time to welcome your new partners to the gum family, the fresh sparkling dentures. Be it one tooth or the complete set; dentures can easily make a home into your mouth. Welcoming guests won’t do, their hospitality should also be cared for. Today, losing a tooth is no big deal. But taking care of your dentures is a task. Here are some rules for maintaining dentures instead of running to the dentist every now and then.

#1. Break Time for Dentures

When you go to bed, say goodnight to dentures as well. Putting dentures during the daytime helps in retrieval of the tissues inside the mouth. Make sure that you provide your dentures at least 6-8 hours of rest. If metal clasps accompany your denture, keep in mind to immerse it in the water while you are not using it. If not, then you can simply apply a mixture of vinegar and water in small quantities and dip the denture into it. This helps dentures keep away from the plague, bacteria, etc.

#2. Gentle Handling of Dentures

Dentures tend to get broken easily. So, it should be your duty to nurture them with gentle hands and tender care. After all, they are not cheap. While cleansing, place denture on top of a soft towel so that there is less chance of dropping. Avoid using toothpicks or hard brushes as they are likely to cause pain to dentures and thereby, can damage it.

#3. Regular Cleaning

There is a possibility of dentures getting infected by tartar or plague. Treat dentures like your real teeth – make them a part of your family. Plague-infected dentures, when further attached to the gum, can spread the disease to the underneath tissues of the gum. Get hold of a regular soft brush and gently brush your denture. Also, if you would like to impart special treatment to your dentures, buy the brushes only meant for cleaning dentures. For washing, you can use regular soaps, light utensil cleaning detergent powder, etc.

#4. Pay Attention to The Entire Mouth

Only protecting your dentures makes the gum envious. Your gums too demand a hand of care. After taking out the denture from the mouth, rinse your mouth and carefully rub your gums. You can use either a clean, soft muslin cloth or simply a soft brush. For partial dentures too, the rule is the same.

#5. Visit Your Dentist

Visiting a dentist once a year keeps you free from enemies like plague and bacteria. It is important to check your dentures as well as the tissues underlying the dentures and your gums. And this work can be performed efficiently only by dentists. The work of the dentist will be to check the tissues inside the mouth and look after sores if any because they might invite deadly cancerous diseases.

#6. Check Fittings of Dentures

Wearing dentures for long can result in wear and tear of the material. Here lies another essential reason for which you are ought to visit a dentist. Over time, the gums and internal systems of our mouth change which loosen dentures. Dentures if not fitting properly can lead to acute pain in the gums, and at times may burn. Therefore, you need to say hi to the dentist to make necessary adjustments.

#7. Proper Maintenance of The Remaining Body

It is obvious that although putting on the dentures can falsely give you the pleasure of having a good set of tooth, but when viewed from the other side; it will bring you pain while you chew and gulp food, especially the ones that require heavy chewing (fibrous foods). Intake of a balanced diet can regulate blood flow properly into the gums and thereby relieve you from pain and other oral diseases.

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