6 Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair

6 Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair

Nowadays, the latest cars come with all the top class safety features such as shatter proof windows, seat belts and airbags that come handy in the event of emergency or havoc. But, these features combined does not save you from a nasty, ugly accident. Whereas on the other hand, brakes are the number one safety features that help you from car wreck provided they are in good working condition. If you feel that your brakes are not working well then it is suggested to immediately rush over to auto brake repair in Las Vegas NV to get them inspected and fixed.

Listed below are some of the signs that tell you that your car needs brake repair:-

Brake Fluid Leaks

Do not drive your car if you witness brownish or clearish substance collecting near the wheels of your vehicle. If you drive a car in such a situation then it means that your brakes will not work at all if you drive and try to apply the brake. In this situation, you need to call the mechanic right away.

Veering or Pulling

If your car tries to go left or right when you hit brakes, then it is a sign that you have impurities in the brake fluids, a stuck wheel cylinder or uneven wear of the brake pads.

Brake Pedal

Your brake pad is heavily worn down and completely in need of full repair if you are easily able to push the pedal to the floor. Yet, it can also be a huge sign that there is a brake fluid leak or presence of air in the brake line.

Squealing Noises

One of the early signs of faulty brake pads is experiencing slow squealing or grinding noises. It usually occurs when the pads are destroyed completely and the metal directly grinds on other metal which is very dangerous. Therefore, it is advised to get car brake repair as soon as possible.


Another very alarming sign of break issue in your car or truck is of the brake pedal or shaky steering wheel as you bring the car to halt. This is a major indication of faulty or warped brake rotors and needs to be fixed immediately so that you have sufficient friction to create braking power. It is suggested that you head for truck repairs if this issue happens in your truck. Also, if the same issue occurs in your car, it is advised to get your brakes inspected immediately.

ABS Lights

If your ABS dashboard light flashes or illuminates then it is a major indication that there is something wrong with your brakes and you need to head to a mechanic to get it fixed before it turns into a major issue.

Wrap Up

If you witness any one of these signs, then it is a huge sign that your brakes are having some dire issyues which need to be fixed by expert mechanics. Also, don’t try to drive a car in such a situation and risk your life in danger.

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