5 Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile Performance

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile Performance

It is a natural phenomenon that with the passage of time the productivity and performance of many things start to get lower down. Just like we human beings start getting low on energy as the day comes to end. In the same way, all the electronic items, as well as smartphones, are prone to get slow with time. Eventually performing lazily and starts lagging in between the use.

Smartphones, especially those who are low or mid-range ones start getting sluggish due to the increase in consumption. The processors at times get overburdened and they might have already reached their limits of functioning. This is particularly because of the RAM as well which has a certain capacity to hold on the applications and work smoothly. This all leads to poor and slow performance of the smartphone. It starts to hang, takes long to launch the home screen or apps and does not work properly while using high-end apps or games.

In order to cater to this concern of so many users out there, we have designed a list of some helpful tricks that will help you to speed up your phone and have uninterrupted use.

  1. Keep Your Phone Updated

Always keep in mind that you should keep your phone up to date. As soon as the updates are there just install them without any procrastination. This is because the new updates come with improvements and bug fixes that assist your smartphone in a better performance. Every newer version of Android comes with the enhanced performance so updating the phone timely can really save you from the slower performance of your phone. This is not only applicable to the software updates but on the applications too. Application updates are also of the same nature. So just don’t ever miss out on any update and install them as soon as possible.

2. Clean up Your Home Screen

This goes without saying that fancy widgets or wallpapers make your home screen look more attractive. But you may not be aware of the fact that these things under the hood put a lot of burden on your phone’s processor and RAM. This is one of the reasons why your smartphone takes a while to launch your home screen after you exit an application or you unlock/turn on your phone. These wallpapers, application’s shortcuts, and widgets contribute well towards deprived performance of your phone. Therefore, having a clean and lean home screen is always a good idea to make your smartphone work faster.

3. Close Unused Applications

It might have often happened that maybe in rush or for whatsoever reason you just press the home button to exit from the windows you are on or the application that you were using and it remains active in the background. This also leads to your smartphone getting hanged or slow. For the same reason, in order to prevent your smartphone from performing slow, it is important to close such apps that are not in use. Especially if you are having a phone with light RAM then you must perform this check. Since the high-end phones are designed to multi-task and also have large RAMs like Samsung Galaxy A50s comes with a 4 GB RAM therefore, phones with such great RAMs don’t really come across this issue. Then even it is suggested to not overburden the device and perform this very simple and instant step. This will not just contribute to improved performance but will also save your phone’s battery.

4. Clear Cache

There are various applications that bring in the cache data on your phone without bringing it in your knowledge and you are just totally unaware of it. This is the unwanted data

that make your phone lag and perform slowly. Therefore it is suggested to keep on checking for such data every now and then and getting rid of it. You can check and clear the cached data from settings in your phone to free up the space it has taken. This timely vacuuming allows the phone as well as the applications to work faster and smoother. Heavy applications like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are known to carry a great amount of cache. So it is essential to keep an eye on it. For your information, removing the cached data has nothing to do with the data/files but sometimes it may remove the preferences that you might have set for the particular app. Nonetheless, that is not an issue at all as you can always reset your preferences.

5. Remove Unwanted Data

By unwanted data, we mean all those applications, data, and files that are not in use anymore but are occupying space in your RAM and home screen. You need to remove all such stuff from the phone as they are unnecessarily burdening your phone’s processor that leads to slower performance. Sooner or later the phone starts hanging and performance is interrupted. For this reason getting rid of these sorts of applications, files and other things that are of no use for you is a must.

Apart from that, even after performing all these tips if your phone’s performance is not satisfactory then carrying out factory data reset from time to time is another good option to make your phone work faster. Factory reset will remove all the trash from your smartphone that you have accumulated so far knowingly or unknowingly. But keep in mind that reset is a pretty extreme step that will wipe off all your data that you want to keep. So don’t forget to back up your important files before you start the factory reset.

At last, these were some really easy and instant fixes to make your smartphone run faster and avoid getting it perform poorly. They are all tried and tested and have helped many people already so you don’t need to fear anything. They will cause no harm to your mobile.

We don’t doubt the fact that there comes a point where none of the above-mentioned ways will work anymore and this is where you need to switch to a new phone. But still be it a new one or the older, you can take them as precautions to make your phone work efficiently for a longer time.

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