5 ways to give your bathroom spa like feeling

5 ways to give your bathroom spa like feeling

A spa like bathroom is a part of everyone’s dream house as it offers extra comfort. The bathrooms are often the last on the list when it comes to decorating the house mainly because of a tight budget. But creating a spa light bathroom does not have to cost a fortune. By making smart décor choices you can make the bathroom functional and aesthetically appealing as well.

Here are a few tips that can help in adding some extra comfort without compromising the appearance.

Get a towel warmer:

Everyone wants to wrap oneself in something warm and cozy after getting a bath. There is nothing better than a plush ladies bathrobe or a warm towel. You can add a towel warmer to the bathroom and it will keep the towels warm so that you always have nice and cozy towels to wrap yourself in. The towel racks will keep the bathroom linen warm and will also serve as room heaters. There are freestanding models and wall-mounted versions available in the market so you can use whichever is suitable for the bathroom. The latest models have radiant heat systems that help in circulating warm water around the whole room.

Adding a rug:

If you are looking to add softness to the bathroom then you should add a bathroom rug. The rug is not just an aesthetic addition to the bathroom but is also helpful in prevention of health hazards like slipping. A bathroom rug will make sure that you have a soft area to step on as you get out of warm shower. Select a rug that has rich colors so that the bathroom looks and feels warmer.

Gorgeous presentation:

There are so many bathroom accessories like great selling soaps, bath salts, etc. play an important role to enjoy a spa like environment. But you should never just dump all these small accessories on the sink because the presentation is important for creating a comfortable place. Keeping the bathroom counter organized is important for keeping the whole place organized. You can use little baskets or bowls to keep your soaps and other products.

Get creative with lighting:

People often do not think much about the lighting. They just choose characterless lights because it makes the bathroom functional. But you can improve the look and feel of the bathroom by selecting the right lighting. You should consider the type of lighting that is used in a dining room or a foyer. You can add a chandelier or a wall lamp to the bathroom as well. But if you are adding a chandelier you need to make sure that it is installed by a professional and all the safety regulations are followed. All the lighting fixtures in the bathroom should be properly grounded.

Enclosing the shower:

If you are looking to create a spa like feeling then you need to make it a place that allows you to step away from the stress of life. You can create a barrier between the shower and the world by using a lovely shower curtain. The shower curtains are colorful and affordable.

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