5 Unique And Latest Printing Design Methods Which We Use In These Days

5 Unique And Latest Printing Design Methods Which We Use In These Days

It is essential for the manufacturers to focus on the aesthetic presentation of the packaging to make the design look trendy and classy. The printing companies require understanding the ideas and concepts a client is inspired to develop an on-point design for customized boxes. To create premium quality boxes to encase different products, it is the responsibility of packaging companies to use the latest technology and equipment to adore.

There are a few amazing methods to increase the durability and elegance of packaging:

1. The popular method of Embossing and Debossing

Both of these are quite similar in the process because of debossing and embossing result differently that is why they are considered separate. A counter and a metal plate are used to create these excellent designs. Embossing develops an impression that is raised on the paper sheet, as well as the debossing can form a depression in the cardboard. This mechanical procedure is used to assist the design in looking great. The main purpose of the process is to keep the design prominent and applying debossing can signify a label of the brand. Two types of embossing are introduced in the latest companies such as dry and heat embossing.

2. Silk Lamination for Packaging Boxes

Silk lamination is a great way to create waterproof and tear resistant packaging boxes. This technique also produces designs with high definition and gorgeous variety of colors. It is designed and printed as regular boxes, but at the end, a shiny plastic sheet is applied on the surface of the box that gives it a silky finish as well as makes the box water resistant. In some situations, lamination is a liquid for that when dried takes the shape of a hard glossy surface. The finish provided through lamination can also be dull matte or even satin.

3. UV Spot and Gloss Printing

A simple heating process is involved to apply a silver and gold foil on the packaging material.UV spot printing resembles with this procedure in many aspects. Foil printing generally desires to have vector images for design. This type of finishing can take the design to a new level of Excellency and exquisiteness. UV spot differs in the way a box is designed and the kind of material that is supposed to be used in the making of a customized box. The fine coating is applied as a thin layer, the result is highly pigmented, and the surface becomes reflective. This tends to be a great idea for highlighting logos and labels for the product. Such a good quality technique can be used to print brochures and business cards as well.

4. Thermography an Innovative Technique

It is a different technique but results in the relatively same product as a beautiful surface. Actually, there is a powder that is heated together with the color and that results in a raised surface on the box. It looks great when the label of the brand is printed in this way. The grainy rough title is a good idea for people who like sensory feel on their packaging boxes.

5. Letterpress Technique for Unique Packaging Designs

This is a very old printing technique but is still in use and in this technique, old style ink is used but the results are classical. Metallic inks can also be used to get the boxes look incredibly amazing. Letterpress has been used for a long time and recently it has gained popularity in the printing market because it can provide a classy, and conventional.

We can use several techniques at the same tie or we can use them separately, it all depends on the type of product and design that is supposed to be the part of packaging boxes. Customized boxes are required to achieve a significant identity for the brand and to create a place in market.

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