5 Tips to Improve Your Customized Lip Gloss Boxes

5 Tips to Improve Your Customized Lip Gloss Boxes

Lip gloss boxes are made up of cardboard that is flexible and can be given any shape in different sizes that can hold the product perfectly. These boxes can be customized in the colors and designs of customer choice that matches with the theme of the company. Paperboard is highly eco-friendly and the most cost-effective premium packaging material available in the market. The cosmetics industry is the most versatile and innovative industry when it comes to the packaging of the products. There are a lot of brands that launch a new product every day with the striking packaging that is capable of beating the competitors with its amazing and killing appearance. In the beauty industry, if you are not coming up with the designs and packaging that does not exist in the market or beat the already existing product then it is impossible to make progress and the chances are that the product would fail to make its impression.

A women’s day does not start until she wears lipstick or her favorite lip gloss and it is more than true. As much as it is true that a lip gloss in the favorite shade makes a woman’s day you cannot deny the fact that it is hard to persuade anyone so easily to change their favorite brand of lipstick for any other brand. To make the impossible possible, it is important to improve your lip gloss packaging to the level that it screams in the aisle and let its target audience know that it is the right product they need for themselves.

Be prepared

To embark on the remarkable and difficult looking not so difficult journey of improving your lip gloss boxes, prepare yourself with the information of where and how much of the need is there to make changes in your packaging.

  1. Understand your audience

First, the most important task is to do your research about the people you are manufacturing your product for. Age, gender, and personality of a person really affect the choices and purchases of the same product according to the need. For instance, a teenage girl will go for everything glittery and sparkly, whereas an adult with go for the shades that are decent, wearable, and matches with their personality. If you understand the needs of your customers only, then you will be able to improve your product packaging or else it will be repeating the same mistakes all over again.

  1. Choose the type of packaging

The other most important matter of concern is the type of packaging material you are using for your boxes. There are different types of packaging material available in the market that gives a different feel and level of quality to the product. Plastic packaging, PVC clear boxes, transparent silicon cases, and cardboard packaging boxes are available in the market. Choice of the right material that is not only attractive but also responsible goes a long way in grabbing customers’ attention and being more functional and convenient in usage like lip gloss packaging boxes made up of cardboard are the most strong and sturdy when it comes to the protection of the delicate lip gloss tubes or bottles. A beautiful box is of no use if it does not protect the product from the heat, moisture, shocks, and breakage during shipping. The material of the box also determines the quality of the packaging, and paperboard is highly graphics and customization compatible.

  1. Go with the trend

Cosmetics industry runs on the trends. It has a wide range of following, and in today as world, everyone uses cosmetics for different purposes. Like every other product cosmetics packaging also went through a lot of changes like in the present every beauty product comes with a whole theme and a story related to the product and it also has to go on the social media because of peer pressure ort the trend. Following the trends like patterns, colors that are more in, fonts, designs, and a combination of all these things create a huge difference in the packaging. Not only the prints and patterns but the choice of material also keeps changing with the time.

  1. Get started with the packaging designs

Going through all the possible factors that directly affect the customers and the relation of packaging between customers and the company it is time to get on board and choose the design that goes with your product, represent it to the customer in the best way possible, highlight the main points and information that is of the most importance. As most of the products are sealed and cannot be opened unless a customer buys it. Mentioning of the information like ingredients, expiry date, and especially the shade of lip gloss effectively increase the demand of the product because of the convenience.

To be more stylish and informative there are a lot of design trends that can really be a turning point for the product as;

  • Line drawings
  • Custom fonts
  • Bold patterns
  • Black and white
  • Floral patterns
  • Minimalistic approach
  1. Be responsible

Despite all the designing and colors and prints or patterns, the thing that matters the most in creating a positive brand image and improving the quality and worth of your product is the sustainability of the packaging. The material that is eco-friendly and recyclable is preferred by the customers due to the current situation of the environment that is on the brink of being unfit for any kind of life on it. It is all because of the non-bio friendly packaging like plastic that takes years to decompose and is not recyclable.

The improvement of packaging is not limited to the designs but the functionality of the boxes. Easy opening and closing of the boxes gives a feeling of relaxation to the customers as it takes less time and effort to take out and put back the product in the box. Everything that customers see on the box is equally important in determining the effectiveness of the packaging.

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