5 Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Split System Air Conditioner

5 Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Split System Air Conditioner

When it comes to choosing one of the most efficient cooling systems, then most of the people will rely on a split system air conditioner. This type of split systems is common when it comes to looking at the cooling systems in the market. These split systems are usually installed as a compact and ductless system. It consists of two units, one internal and one external, the infernal unit usually looks like a rectangular box while the outdoor unit is the form of a metal box. It is called the compressor or condenser. The efficiency of any AC unit is as good as the inner working of the unit. So, it is very important for the customer to clean the unit as often as possible.

Following are a few easy maintenance tips to keep your split AC in mint condition for its efficient functioning.

1. Using a Good Evaporator for Cleaning the Coils

Well, this step must be done by a trained professional. They must clean the coil using a non-rinse evaporator. The coil must be completely dried before you start using the AC. For the drying to take place efficiently, one should allow the product to sit for 20 minutes. The coils will usually look like a round piece of metals that are connected. These coils can be usually found through the indoor unit’s center.

2. Provide a Good Amount of Space for the Unit

Even though a split system air conditioner requires less space when compared to central air conditioners, it is best to allow them a lot of space for operation. Ensure that there is a good amount of space between the furniture and the AC unit. This is important because dust can accumulate and reduce the efficiency of the unit. The minimum distance to be maintained between the furniture and the AC unit is at least 4 feet.

3. Checking the Compressors

One more important part of a split system air conditioner is the compressor. This part compresses the air into cool air that is required for the functioning of the conditioner unit. It is best to remove the vapor in the evaporator in order to retain low levels of boiling point. It is best to ensure that the compressor is regularly cleaned to generate air that is refreshing and fresh. Also, there is a special type of oil that helps in increasing the longevity of the compressor.

4. Replacement or Cleaning of Filters

The filter of a split system air conditioner is an important part as well. If it is clogged, the efficiency of the system is reduced by 20 percent. Understand the instructions provided in the training manual in order to ensure that your system is working in optimum efficiency.

5. Hire a Technician

If you want to ensure that the split AC is working efficiently, it is important that you must hire the services of a trained and professional split system air conditioner mechanic. They have the certification and knowledge about the repair and maintenance work. Annual tuning provides technicians with an excellent chance for them to look at various blockages, look at the refrigerant leaks, identify electrical-based issues, and many more. Identifying them on a yearly basis helps in avoiding expensive repairs in the future.

All these tips are simple when it comes to maintaining a split system air conditioner. Preventive maintenance is the best when it comes to avoiding costly repairs in the future. Take some time to take care of your system and ensure that you are providing a secure cooling system for your home. However, you must not always rely on DIY, certain things need the assistance of a professional. You must hire the services of trained and certified professionals who adopt the right method of cleaning of AC, moreover, they can also detect any issue with AC and rectify it at the right time.

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