5 New Ways to Wear Your Old High-Waist Styles

5 New Ways to Wear Your Old High-Waist Styles

High-waisted jeans, more commonly known as "mom's jeans", are all rage today. The discovery of high waisted jeans with an integrated blouse was a popular style in the 60s. When Marilyn Monroe played this style in her 1961 movie The Misfits, he became a favorite with women. The high middle style, however, did not stick to jeans. It was then introduced into shorts (as it became acceptable for women to kick their legs) and in skirts. Since the beginning, the middle style has come back from time to time. In the 80s, the well-known fashion brand Guess launched a high-medium jeans campaign and everyone wanted one. The best thing about high waist jeans is that it fits bodies of all shapes and sizes. Stiff on the hips, the jeans look more flat in this area and hide the belly fat, and I know no one will wobble anyway. I was a little afraid to invest in some of these jeans because I wasn't sure I could wear them properly. So a friend forced me to try and buy at least one pair.

Anyway, when I ordered my first pair of high-waisted jeans, I didn't know what to say. So I went to the familiar look and in this blog, I will share it with you.

  • Be bold!

Connect your high-waisted jeans with bold patterned tops or bold patterns. But if the top has a bold pattern, avoid embroidered jeans or any kind of print on it. If the top and jeans put pressure on it, the overall look will not be so elegant. You want your friends to notice these two things separately. But if you decide to wear a greasy top (this is just a regular solid top) with your jeans, don't hesitate to wear low waist jeans a little embroidered or a travel bag.

  • Invest in a corset:

Corsets are known to provide one of the most desired hourglass shapes. So if you tie a coffin cross with a cross, your friends will look good, believe me. They both go hand in hand. While the corsets at the waist light the custom jeans torso and legs. The corsets are of different styles and you can choose a width to give this sexy look. Popular materials designed for corsets include satin, cotton, gauze, leather and brocade. You can even choose between an exaggerated and sober style, depending on your taste.

  • Tuck that top in!

One of the most famous duets is the medium-sized sleeves or bell trousers with a padded top. It is also one of my favorite styles. If you want to keep this look, you can make many variations. Let's talk about jeans first. You can also cut the top in skinny high jeans or in a bell version. Both look great, but my favorite is the clock bottles. Go up, it can be a spotty shirt, a regular button jersey or a regular t-shirt. In my opinion, button jerseys look good when they are thrown away. If a cherry on top, carry a group with it. This will improve overall appearance.

  • Heels or no heels?

It is a long debate in itself, but I would say it depends on the style you have on jeans. Connect your high-waisted jeans with flat pumps or sandals when they are skinnies. But if you use bottles of clothing, the flat shoes are definitely "no-no". You will not dry floors with your precious jeans. And you

  • Easy on the accessories:

If you have high-waisted liquid jeans, avoid them with a large bag and a long jacket. You need to buy lederhosen and keep it subtle. Remember the rule, less is more when it comes to chic style. If you show all the accessories you have, don't be surprised if you make fun of yourself.

These were some of the tips that came to mind and I hope you find them useful. If you still need help bringing your old-fashioned jeans that have been part of your wardrobe for many years, put me on my blog.

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