5 most difficult things to remove from your auto glass

5 most difficult things to remove from your auto glass

While driving, different things can stick to the auto glass and can undermine the integrity and beauty of the glass. Sometimes these things are easily removed and you don’t have to face any kind of damages but often you might have to take your car to the repair shop to get the glass repaired or replaced. Here is the list of top 10 most difficult things to remove from the auto glass. You will also find tips to keep the auto glass clean and by working on these tips, you will not have to look for Best Auto Glass Replacement in Fairfax VA more often.

Tree Sap:

Tree sap is one of the most difficult things to clean from the car windows. The things get more complicated when the tree sap spreads with the wipers. You can use alcohol to remove the tree sap from the windows. Simply pour a small amount of alcohol to the cotton and apply it on the tree sap. Let it sit for on the auto glass for some tips and clean the glass using after-market glass cleaner.

Window Tint

You can use the heat gun to loosen the adhesive off the window tint. Make sure that you keep the heat gun at least 2 inches away from the glass or else it could crack the class. Simply lift the edges of the window tint and start peeling it. After that, use WD-40 to remove any adhesive that is left on the window.


Decals and stickers give your car a personalized feel but they are also very difficult to remove. You can either use the soap solution to peel off the stickers from the winders. One other way of taking the decals off is by the use of razors and plastic scrapers. If you are stuck with a stubborn decal, make sure you heat the decals as it will remove the adhesive and the sticker will be easily removed.

Spray Paint:

The spray paint on the glass is not permanent and can be removed if you use the right materials and techniques. Use the plastic blade to scrape off the paint from the glass and then use the nail polish remover to remove the remaining paint on the glass. You can use a microfiber cloth and then clean the entire glass to restore its shine.


Chewing gum is very hard to remove from hair and other surfaces and same is the case with the auto glass. If you are stuck with the chewing gum on your glass, take some ice cubes in a pack and rub them on the gum. Hold it there for a couple of minutes and then peel the gum from the glass. After that, use the soapy water to clean the glass.

Different things can affect the integrity of the glass and can decrease its life. If you have worked hard to remove things from the glass but still facing problems, take the car to the Best Auto Glass Repair Service in Fairfax VA and let them handle it.

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