5 Misconception About Cleaning Concrete Floors

5 Misconception About Cleaning Concrete Floors

When it comes to concrete floors they are one of the sturdiest floors available. They also have a longer lifespan than most other common flooring materials. They look stunning when polished and coated. They act as a perfect garage floor or driveway path without polish and coating.

Polishing and coating concert also makes it extremely resistant to water. Unpolished concrete is slightly porous but still concrete being porous has no effect on its strength.

It is often assumed that once a concrete floor is installed it will take care of itself but this is not the case. Like all other hardwood floors, concrete also needs maintenance. Although the maintenance is not as much as other delicate floors still it is required.

In order to keep concrete floors in good condition regular cleaning is required. The cleaning can range from a regular mopping session to a full-fledged cleaning session with regular household chemicals. For regular cleaning session, regular chemicals will do the trick no need for special chemicals.

In this article, I will get you acquainted with 5 common misconceptions about concrete. People often assume concrete to be an element that will not deteriorate but just like any other element in the entire universe, time eats all.

Without further delay let us get to the misconceptions in the general population about concrete.

1.Chemical To Clean Concrete

There is no hard flooring surface in existence that can clean itself, this includes concrete as well. Chemicals can effectively breakdown and clean debris, dirt and hard to remove stains. Concrete, just like any other floor, should be maintained using regular household chemicals.

If you are not sure how to deal with concrete floors you can always get a concrete cleaning service in Brentwood TN to maintain the floor for you.

2. All Concrete Surfaces Are Similar

Concrete floors are of mainly two types, polished and unpolished. When it comes to taking care of polished floors it’s basically taking care of the coating itself. Some common coatings include epoxies, urethanes, and acrylics. Polish concrete can be maintained effectively using an abrasive.

3. Life Of Concrete Will Not Change By Proper Cleaning

The lifespan of coated concrete depends on the quality of the coating. If the concrete is polished using a grinder or other mechanical methods than the life span depends on the quality of the procedure. A properly polished floor requires less cleaning and can be maintained easily for a longer lifespan.

4.Knowledge Of How To Clean Concrete

Cleaning concrete requires some special knowledge relating to the methods and procedures needed to clean the floors. Normally these methods and procedures are ignored. In order to properly clean concrete floors and to prolong their shine and strength, a professional cleaning session is required.

You can choose to hire any affordable cleaning service in your area to visit and clean your concrete floor with special and specific materials. Make sure to ask them about cleaning methods and how to properly take care of your concrete floor.

5. Type Of Soil Has No Effect On Cleaning Of Concrete

By the end of the day, a concrete floor is "hard flooring" It is imperative to treat it different than any other kind of hard flooring.

The amount and type of soil dictate the frequency with which the floor should be cleaned. If the floor is used frequently it should also be cleaned often. If the floor has less frequent use than we can skip a day or two from cleaning. Cleaning sessions at regular intervals would still be required.

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