5 LinkBuilding Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 LinkBuilding Mistakes You Should Avoid

Link Building is one of essentials things to do in blogging so as to get good Page Rank and thus good ranking in Google. Well, although you might be doing the link building for your blog with the hope to get good results, but the scenario can be totally different. In fact, some link building mistakes can make your blog disappear from search engine listings. So let's have a look at the link building mistakes that you should avoid.

Links from Irrelevant Websites

Your motive here should not be only to get backlinks. Getting backlinks from random websites don't pay any much in SEO. The blog/website that you are getting link from, must be relevant to your blog's niche. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind and the bad point is that, most of the bloggers don't care of it and pay later for their foolishness by getting penalized by Google Panda and Penguin.

Links from Bad Reputed Websites

There are many websites who try to be over smart and try to shine on the first page of Google. Well, the Big G is more smart and thus it penalizes such websites. If you get a link from such websites, then your blog may also be put into same list. There are many blogs who have got penalized by Google, just because of linking with bad reputed websites. Make sure that your blog to be joining the list.

Bad Use of Anchor Text

Many people guest post on other blogs to get links. Now what they do is, just write the post and then submit the same with link to their website. They don't take care of Anchor text. Well, the anchor text must be used properly to get the proper benefit of building link. Suppose if you run a blog on ‘Health Niche', then it's good to get link to anchor text as ‘Health' or something that is related to health. There is not any benefit of using ‘Click Here' or any other anchor text here.

Links from the Websites that Have Many Outgoing Links

There are many websites who just give link to any blog/website of the planet. There is not any benefit of getting link from such a website that has already give hundreds of outgoing links. In fact, if you do so, then you are just joining the crowd and you will get lost in crowd of SO called bloggers.

Link Exchange

Stay far away from this poor strategy of Building links. This technique is worst one to build links and instead of showing positive results for you, it may end up with bad reputation of your website.

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