5 interactive ways entrepreneurs can enhance business event ROI

5 interactive ways entrepreneurs can enhance business event ROI

Business events are a constant source of business promotion. These gatherings provide tons of lead generation and business boosting opportunities to entrepreneurs. Though digital marketing has wiped out most of the traditional marketing concepts, business events are still here to stay for a long period of time. And is not seen losing traction anywhere in the near future. More and more companies are now diving in to promote themselves in such gatherings. It is providing customers to a lot of options to consider but at the same time, it is becoming more and more difficult for the corporate world to generate maximum return on investment. Here we are sharing some of the latest and tested techniques to create an amazing business event to generate maximum ROI for your business.

Start with finding the most relevant event:

The event that you are participating in is the most important thing to consider before actually diving into all other stuff. Because in the end its audience who is to make your investment a success. If an event does not bring a suitable audience for your brand, you might be wasting money. However, it is not always recommended rather you can expand your reach in events where you can create a buzz with ease. The most converting events are those that get the most targeted traffic. So, always try to keep an eye on your competitors and look out what type of events they are participating in. Also, remember not every event is of the same use. Never rely too much on new events because these do not offer much of a value to your brand.

The key point here is to choose the most relevant event that can bring you targeted leads.

Use social media to fire upon your own clientele:

Obviously, you want to expand your reach to new customers, but existing clientele can also not be neglected. If you have a strong clientele on social media, you can tell them about your event socially. The main purpose is to drag them out of their comfort zones and create a buzz for your trade show booth. Spread the word about your events on all the top-level social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Make sure you use similar hashtags, similar graphics and all marketing material on all social channels.

Leverage audiovisual technology:

Technology and business have to go a long way together. In the near future, both are going to need a marriage counselor. Audiovisual technology is the ultimate partner of the business. Nowadays no event planner can think of conducting an event without AV technology. And special thanks to AV and tablet rental organizations that have made leveraging technology so easy for entrepreneurs for shorter time spans. No matter, what type of event, audiovisual technology is here to be implemented. So, if you are planning to conduct a trade show, conference, seminar, product launch event or any other professional gathering, embrace yourself with AV.

Hire booth actors:

To create a unique trend and buzz among the audience, you should leave no stone unturned. A great and unique way to identify you is by hiring booth actors. The idea is to use the latest trends and use them in a nice and creative way for your brand promotion. For example, you can hire a lookalike actor of any trending actor, sportsman or politician. The technique is solely for the purpose of attracting attendees towards your booth or counter.

Mobile charging station:

Despite so much innovation and advancement in mobile technology, battery drop is still an unsolved mystery. During busy hours or in the time of dire need this problem becomes even worse. But, this is a gift for entrepreneurs of event planners as they can leverage this with the help of a mobile charging station. It can be easily rented from nearest AV supplier company for the short term. Meanwhile, attendees charge their phone, you can use this time to conduct come survey with them to capture leads. Or you can show some ad to increase brand awareness.

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