5 Foods That Help in Regulating the Blood Sugar Level

5 Foods That Help in Regulating the Blood Sugar Level

A rise in the blood sugar level can lead to the detrimental illness called diabetes. For diabetic patients, a balanced diet prescribed by the doctor is much more important than the medicines. The main target behind setting up a diabetic diet is to control blood sugar levels in the body from any further elevation. If you are suffering from diabetes or know someone who has been recently diagnosed with the disease, here is a compiled list of the necessary foods that you must intake:

Fatty Fish

Regardless of the type of diabetes a person has, fatty fish is undoubtedly one of the nutritious foods in the world. Mackerel, salmon, herring, sardines and anchovies are all fatty fishes and great sources of DHA and EPA (omega-3 fatty acids). Not only these constituents help in keeping the heart healthy, but they also take care of the blood vessels’ lining cells. The consumption of fatty fishes enhances the functioning of arteries and reduces inflammation, all of which are crucial for diabetics. For further information on the diagnosis and diet of diabetes, you can avail the web for newsletters and health data promoted by credible Mybiosource.

Leafy Green Veggies

When it comes to having something exceptionally healthy and low in calories, leafy green vegetables make a great choice. Being very low in digestible carburetors, consuming leafy green vegetables will keep your blood sugar levels in check. Kale, spinach, and other variants of leafy greens will also offer your body several vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C. Another reason for adding leafy green veggies to your diabetic diet is that of their richness in antioxidants and nutrients.


Eggs solve risk issues when it comes to heart problems and works to control blood sugar levels. They are must-have in your diet during diabetes since they come in handy in keeping your appetite full for hours. The consumption of eggs has several health benefits including better insulin sensitivity, reduction in inflammation, working against bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Eggs are traditionally a high-protein diet that works effectively on blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Nuts can be one of the healthiest additions in your diabetic diet routine. Due to their low digestible carbs feature, the consumption of nuts can help you in monitoring LDL, insulin, and blood sugar levels. According to a recently held study, it was found that patients who were suffering from diabetes were able to drop a considerable amount of weight just after they introduced walnuts in their diet. Apart from walnuts, there are other several variants of nuts that can help you in reducing the insulin levels and control the blood sugar levels effectively.

Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil contains oleic acid. When it comes to improving the unhealthy symptoms of type 2 diabetes, oleic acid is a must. Apart from that, with extra-virgin olive oil, you can ensure health benefits such as improved blood pressure.


Follow this list and create a diabetic diet for maintaining your body metabolism and improving your health condition. Combine this diet with the medicines and witness some extraordinary health benefits.

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