5 Events when sports and cricket news is a hot click on online digital channels

5 Events when sports and cricket news is a hot click on online digital channels

5 Events when sports and cricket news is a hot click on online digital channels

In India, movies, and cricket is considered as a religion. There are people who fight in the name of cricket. This is the craze that cricket has acquired in India. In olden days people used to just concentrate on cricket and ignore remaining games, there was a time when even the Indian national game hockey was ignored in India. But days changed and so are people. Now people are encouraging all games and supporting them. Different types of games came to light making a lot of progress. Even the media has started telecasting these games. The five events which make the sports and cricket news a hot click on online digital sports and news are

  • Cricket World Cup (ODIs and T20)
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Pro Kabaddi
  • Common Wealth Games

This list is to just mention the top 5 but there are various other events which are hot topics on news channels online.

Cricket World Cup (ODIs and T20s)

As said earlier cricket is one of the religions in India and there are people who are ready to bunk their offices and colleges to just watch these cricket matches. This is the situation for just normal matches only then the situation of world cup event is unimaginable. People are ready to do whatever it takes to just watch the cricket. It is a big disappointment for people who work at that time and are unable to watch cricket but the online news is at their aid. The online news websites usually give continuous and instant updates making it sure that the readers don’t miss anything. People visiting the online sites at this world cup times are in large number. The traffic for online websites also increases tremendously.

FIFA World Cup

Football, Indians are slowly getting habituated for this amazing game. The 32 teams fight to become the world champion in football. From 88 years this game has been entertaining the audience from all over the world. This is one of the best game with a lot of experienced and professional players in it. Messi, Ronaldo is very famous players and who is best among them debate is going on in India. The game got immense love from various countries all over the world and people started using the online websites to know the instant updates of this game. There are many websites who give the recent updates of the game without any fail.

Indian Premier League

Here comes the entertainment package. This 45 days game is one of the most interesting leagues in India. Different celebrities form franchises and buy the top cricket players from all over the world. The teams formed in this game are based on the names of the states present in India and the players in these teams aren’t from one country. Different country people are grouped into one team and they play T20 game. From fun to nerve wrecking matches, IPL is what people want to enjoy the hot summer. The online websites also get huge traffic at that time. People use various sources online to know what is happening in the game and about the scores, the regional support given by people to each is another reason for this game becoming so popular.

Pro Kabaddi

Taking the inspiration of Indian Premier League, another league named Pro Kabaddi has been introduced in India. Similar to IPL, the game pattern of this league is also same. The franchises are formed by celebrities and professional players are brought in an auction. Professional Kabaddi matches are conducted between these teams. This game became very famous all over India and brought the regional game kabaddi into the light. Most of the people check online websites to know the score and other details of this game.

Common Wealth Games

Nowadays these Common Wealth Games gained huge popularity in India. Many players are representing the country in this game and most of them are succeeding in bringing medals too. People are also interested to know the updates of the common wealth games and are using reliable sources to get instant news of the happenings there. The online sites are also updating the site with a minute to minute news making it better for the audience to get the information. In a recent study, it has been stated that the common wealth games have increased the website traffic by 5%.

These are the events which are very famous. People go for online digital sports and news from time to time to just get the updates of these tournaments, leagues, and matches. The news regarding them is a hot click on the websites.

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