5 constructive Link Building Tactics for E-Commerce Brands

5 constructive Link Building Tactics for E-Commerce Brands

Are you a web developer or a website owner? Are you familiar with the term search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is the process of improving the online visibility of a website or webpage in any search engine result. Higher the visibility of the webpage in the search result more popular the website is. And there are lots of ways to improve a web page's visibility in the search engine result.

With the expanding user base of the internet, the significance of building better links has never been higher. Link building is one of the tactics that can help you optimize your search engine result. As challenging link building is, it is also rewarding.

But there may be many queries, what are the link building strategies? How to implement these strategies? Here are the answers to those questions...

Offer samples of your product to influential bloggers

Providing a free sample of your product to influential bloggers might help you market your product. You can ask those bloggers to review your product and write about it. The follower of the particular blogger will read the blog and might look into your website for more information if he finds it interesting. But it is only recommended to work with the bloggers who are influential in your industry. You can use software like Ahrefs and Majestic to identify which bloggers have linked to your competitors or a simple Google search seems to do the trick.

Accept video marketing

Video marketing is getting more coverage than any other type of content in the market. Video content is more informative than text content and that is the reason people choose to watch a video rather than to read a long and tedious text for their issues. Video content is proved to be more effective in the pursuit to build effective links that would attract large magnitude of customers.

Content marketing

Content doesn’t channel customers to your links instead you have to make a point that will convince the user to click on the link. This will positively influence the customers and also improve your link building skills, so it is worth investing in. It doesn’t only engage the customer in reading your content but you can also direct the readers directly to your commercial page using the content.

Use influential personalities to built content asset

Studies suggest that the internet’s most dominant group of users (Millennials) are getting distrustful towards big brands and sponsored messages which make the process of link building more difficult. You can ask influential bloggers to use the product and upload pictures of them using the product on social media. This will deliver a valid review of your product that would add the value to it.

Include a feature that makes product sharing easy

Making the product sharable will create the potential for your links to be shared outside your own customer network. You can generate more traffic and sales using this strategy. The same kind of feature was used in Getty Images, where they shared over 50 million images for free. This generated links directly to your commercial page rather than organic links that require you to share it through a remote blog posting.


While tech geeks tell you that link building is not an effective way to drive traffic to your page it totally depends on your techniques that you use to build links. These tricks and tips will surely help you in link building that would drive more traffic to your webpage. There are many web development companies in India that provide link building services for E-Commerce Solution in India.

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