5 Considerations to Make Before Trying to Replace an iPad 4 Mini Battery or Other Parts

5 Considerations to Make Before Trying to Replace an iPad 4 Mini Battery or Other Parts

Did you crack your iPad front panel? Is your Ipad Mini 4 Battery draining excessively? When you need to make these repairs, it generally comes down to two main options - should you replace the parts yourself or go out and buy a new device altogether? Once you decide to attempt to fix your busted device yourself, make sure you keep these helpful tips in mind before rushing into your repair.

Remember You Repair at Your Own Risk
In most situations, once you open up your device, you void any warranties you may have on it. Therefore, you need to ensure you are prepared for the outcome if you are unable to get your device to work again. Any damage or loss of data will solely be your responsibility if things ever go wrong.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools
Before you can replace any defective parts in your iPad or smartphone, you have to ensure you have to proper tools to fix it. Depending upon your specific device, it may require special tools to open. Although a standard screwdriver option is either the Torx or Phillips, the screws are particularly small, meaning that even slight variations in the screwdriver size could prevent you from making progress on the repair. However, that isn’t the only tool you need to consider, because you never know what you will find inside. Therefore, it is highly recommended to obtain a screw and screwdriver set featuring a variety of small hex, nut driver bits, Phillips, Torx, and tri-wing screw and driver types. Also, make sure to have spudgers, tweezers, a heat gun or hair dryer, and a few tools to help pry open or pop loose the outer case of your device.

Properly Setup Your Work Space Before You Start
Once you have the parts and tools ready, take a few minutes to prepare your workstation. Start with an area big enough to work in with the space to lay out all your the parts and tools neatly, so you have easy access to everything and won't accidentally knock anything out of place. Make sure to have a safe spot to place all screws and components you remove, as you don’t want to have to go crawling around on the floor in search of a missing component or screw. Keep any liquids away from your area to avoid spills, and consider using an antistatic mat to prevent electrostatic discharge.

Always Take Your Time
When working on a device, you need to take the time to do it correctly. Never rush, as this will often lead to forcing components, which will typically cause you to break your device more than it already is. For example, if you are having difficulties removing an iPad cover, you may have a hidden screw somewhere that you haven’t removed.

Document Your Process
Taking the gadget apart is one thing, but putting it all back together is quite another. To help guarantee you can put your device together again, always take the time to document your process. You can do this by making notes, taking photos, or whatever method works best for you to ensure you know where everything goes when it is time to put all the parts back together.

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